D.S.L.R. Street Photography Contest – September 2018


  • A surprise gift will be given to winner.
  • Top 3 photographs will be published on @dslrofficial instagram and facebook profile. and top 10 Will be published on www.thedslr.org website.


Rules are very simple-

  1. Images should reflect Street Photography only ( details )
  2. No Staged Shot Allowed.
  3. Images doesn't meet our policy will be removed immediately without any prior notice.
  4. The competition will start on 1/09/2018 and will end on 30/09/2018.
  5. Your image should have maximum likes to be a winner.
  6. The image must be original. It should not be copied from somewhere.
  7. Judges may ask you to create a video ( showing raw file exif ) and share, in case of photograph ownership conflict.
  8. D.S.L.R. owns rights to make changes in date of declaration of winner.
  9. Jury decision will be the final decision.
  10. In case of duplicate photograph, photo with least votes will be removed automatically.

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