D.S.L.R. Lucknow Photowalk in association with L.Y.P.G. Lucknow

Namashkaar to the city of Nawaab ‘Lucknow’, I would like to thank every individual for showing such a great excitement for this event, My dear friend Mr Marjit Bhaskar Gupta accompanied me in this photo walk as the mentor. I also would like to show my sincere thanks to “Lucknow Youth Photography Group” for welcoming us and managing the whole event fantastically.

I am independently doing some research work with State Government, which led me to visit Lucknow frequently 3-4 times a month due to the scarcity of time I never get chance to go down the street and feed my camera. Lucknow Photo Walk plays a significant role because for the first time I came out from my busy schedule and met people who are passionately doing photography, either as part of the hobby or professionally. Such a beautiful sync was amazing.

With brief introduction we started this Photo Walk early morning (10/06/2018) 6:00 AM from Nakhas Market, due to Ramadaan we get many vibrant activities and pretty faces to capture. Prime theme of this Photowalk was street photography, After 2 hours of photography we reunited again and discussed basic camera technicality and tricks to be used while doing street photography.
We end this Photowalk by distributing certificate of Participation to 101+ photography enthusiasts.

Best Wishes,
Nishant Pandey

Photo Walk Glimpse

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