Important Notice from D.S.L.R.
Thank you for your support. D.S.L.R. Instagram account @dslrofficial is up and running. Inconvenience is deeply regretted. We will soon resume our competition.

Dear Photography Lovers,

We are soon going to celebrate 3rd year of establishment. DSLR ensures it will continue this journey with passion to support artists through working as a voice of its members. We believe humbleness, honesty and support are three important side of a true artist. Today we are disappointed to see such disloyal gesture from our own panel which led us to feel embarrass before you all.

D.S.L.R. has taken strict decision to remove the following users from D.S.L.R. Curator’s / Mentor-ship panel due to their suspicious behavior of selling group’s confidential information, strategy and member’s data with recently formed commercial group name 365pix ( Facebook Instagram ).
List of Members are as follows :

  1. Jyoti Sharma ( Facebook instagram)
  2. Radha Swami ( Facebook instagram )
  3. Sayed Wasi Haider ( Facebook instagram )
  4. Manvir Singh ( Facebook instagram )
  5. Arshdeep Singh ( Facebook instagram )
  6. Vaibhav Bhagat ( Facebook instagram )
  7. Harshal Orwawla ( Facebook instagram )

These members found using name of Digital Showcase of Lens Rider’s name and account for

  1. Proclaiming D.S.L.R. Ownership with sponsors and taking personal benefit through it.
  2. Sending unauthorized email and making commitment with sponsors.
  3. Making profit through featuring posts.
  4. Treating disrespectfully to the investigating committee.
  5. Attempting to Hijack D.S.L.R. social media handle through threatening and misguiding existing administrators and moderators.
  6. Taking control over DSLR Lover’s Group and converting it into 365pix.
  7. Inviting supporters to disturb group equilibrium.
  8. Stealing member’s equipment i.e. Camera, Lens, Tripod and demanding DSLR Instagram Password.
  9. Removing D.S.L.R. Prestigious members from its group.
  10. Attempting to generate fake profile abuse report to take @dslrofficial down.


Was D.S.L.R. Really hacked ?
D.S.L.R. is not really hacked but such posts are rumor and for asking favor to take dslrofficial group down. These are reflex from above members after being exiled from organization. Please do not believe such rumors and keep supporting this not for profit organization. DSLR its entity and its credentials are kept safe in hands of Mr. Nishant Pandey, Mr. Marjit Bhaskar Gupta & Mr. Ashish Singh who are founding committee member of this organization, this group is also under support and guidance of our senior member Mr. Peer Mohammad, Mr. Souvik Accharrya and Mr. Vivek Singh.

Who is Nishant Pandey ( @nnishantsigra )
Nishant Pandey is creator of group Digital Showcase of Lens Rider,  instagram @dslrofficial and Facebook Page, owns legal entity, Bank Papers and Trade Mark. Nishant Pandey has created this group in Fabruary 6, 2016. Facebook Screenshot is mentioned


Why such rumors are spread ?
Such rumors are intentionally spread in order to take @dslrofficial down. Please help us and support us in this hard times. Aware if people spreading such rumors and report them too if they intentionally doing so.


For Supporting Screenshots please click here


All other allegations imposed by them will be justified in court.


Thank You

Comment (8)

  • staying with the original DSLR as a founder admin.

    peer mohammed m
  • Keep up your good work. And let them keep trying. They will fail again and again. Good and true pages shall live forever.

    Sanket Agarwal
  • Это просто бесподобное сообщение 😉

  • Yes, really. So happens.

  • Hardly I can believe that.

  • This situation is familiar to me. I invite to discussion.

  • I apologise, but, in my opinion, you commit an error. Let’s discuss it. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

  • Completely I share your opinion. In it something is and it is excellent idea. It is ready to support you.


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