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Top 5 Tips for Shallow Depth of Field: How to Get It in Your Photo


Shooting with wide apertures will appear tough now and then, particularly with moving youngsters.

I often shoot with apertures f/1.6 and lower, however, I didn’t continuously shoot in that manner. I want to shoot around f/ two.2 – f/4.0.

I really began to shoot with the super-wide apertures as a result of I born my camera once I was out photographing my son patriarch. Yep. I simply bought a different camera, and once I was born, the aperture ring skint, and it absolutely was stuck on f/1.6.

Being the daredevil (or crazy?) individual that I’m, I used to be reaching to use my new camera during my picture session ensuing day, and not my previous camera. No way. No how. Well, I lucked out and had an excellent session, and I completed what quantity I favored terribly shallow depth of field.

There were quite a few things I learned throughout the years that facilitated American state nail focus once photographing youngsters and families with wide apertures and hopefully these can help a number of you!

“Anchor” yourself if doable.

black and white butterfly perched on yellow flower in close up photography during daytime
Photo by Nandhu Kumar

If I will lean against walls, a tree, a car, or sit on the bottom (and shoot up)…I make love.

Also, try and keep those elbows on the brink of your facet. The additional your wiggle those elbows around, the additional you risk camera shake. I favor anchoring myself against walls heaps as a result it helps keep the American state still.

Toggle your focal points.

person holding gray leaf
Photo by Jakob Owens

Single-purpose optical device (AF) shooting could be a good way to confirm sharp pictures, and I notice it’s GOLDEN to American state once victimization terribly wide apertures. By victimization this technique, you’re able to hone in on the realm you would like to specialize in, which might offer you gouger pictures.

Regardless if you utilize back button focusing, otherwise you use your shutter to lock focus (this is what I use), the only purpose focus could be a technique I can’t live while not.

Watch your distance from your subject(s).

woman in white shirt and blue denim jacket holding green metal fence during daytime
Photo by Neal E. Johnson

I really utilize this once I am photographing teams with f/1.6. I try and certify I’m not too shut as that may cause the depth of field to be too shallow, and a larger likelihood of fuzzy pictures.

Instead, I certify I’m an honest distance away (perhaps 10ft?) once photographing teams. A telephotograph prime lens works best during this scenario. My lens of selection is associate degree 85mm one.4.

Practice a small amount with this to search out your “sweet spot”. you certainly don’t wish to be too way away!

Keep the cluster on the identical plane and have them touching in a way.

This works well with siblings and families. I favor possessing them touching in a way. Either the shoulders, hands, heads, cheeks… something!

When I am selecting what to specialize in, I choose to square measure a section wherever 2 folks are touching. (the red dot represents the focal point)

With shut-ups, specialize in a watch, however with distant shots, don’t stress yourself.

I’m a firm believer that stressing over the technology throughout a photograph shoot can cause an artist to form mistakes. With full-body shots of single people, I like better to specialize in the attention space (any place on the face).


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