DSLR is not a group of enthusiastic photographers trying to make themselves popular on social media... DSLR is a family and I just had an amazing experience doing a photo tour of Barsana and Nandagaon (24th & 25th Feb 2018) with them.. Met amazing people who came from different walks of life (a housewife/lawyer/ businessman/someone living life taking baby steps/someone just doing "nothing"/ students/ ametures/ professional photographers/theatre personality just to name a few ). The heart and soul of this group were Jyothi Sharma (who looked after us as if we were the "ever demanding baratis" in his daughters wedding. He left no stone unturned to make our trip comfortable safe and memorable. Radha Swami, a creative genius was generous enough to answer our queries/stupid technical questions. Sayed bhai though was omnipresent like Lord Krishna was gracious enough to let us know where we could improve (sometimes making his divine enterance at 1130pm). Marjit bhai was another person who made our trip comfortable adding his valuable technicsl inputs.Dr Ashish was instrumental in looking after us guiding us through the terrain sharing his techical knowhow. Many more DSLR officials come to my mind (Harry bhai/Abhay bhai/Udta Pandeyji) who were there by our side 24*7..Safety was never an issue even though our group of 40 odd ppl had about 6 lady photographers and we all covered each others back. 3 days flew in a jiffy and whats left are memories/new friends and new beginnings... Thank you team DSLR
Puneet Wadhwani

A beautiful story written during my recent tour to Barsana, Nanadgaon & Vrindavan, we we're mere characters to act in the colourful event of Holi. DSLR team kudos to the effort of directing this incredible journey. Made so many friends, smeared beautiful colours on each other, danced to the tunes of Dhols at Nandgaon, toke some betting of the stick "lath" at Barsana. Meet beautiful and charming widows playing with flowers and colours. Holi in land of Krishna with out DSLR is a blank canvas. A mesmerising experience, Thanks to the entire team and especially Jyothi Sharma, a true full frame Sensor.Thank You so much.
Abhay Kasture