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The cutest fun cameras every couple should own


1. Realize some photography inspiration from alternative couples or photographers

black DSLR camera
Photo by Eric Weber

There area unit loads of nice accounts out there that may facilitate inspire you on a way to take stunning footage of yourself.

Therefore if you would like to grasp a way to take Instagram footage, this can be wherever to start!

If you’re trying to find poses, you’ll verify alternative couples or wedding lensman accounts.

If you’re trying to find fashion shots, piece of writing vogue, or framing, you’ll realize it all on Instagram or Pinterest.

Simply be respectful of alternative people’s art. obtaining galvanized is okay, however ne’er copy. That’s simply not cool. If you finish up victimization them as inspiration, make certain you offer them credit.

2. To require footage of yourself, get a camera with a timer or wireless local area network

man in black jacket holding DSLR camera
Photo by Alireza Badiee

The gear you employ can assist you vastly, particularly if you would like to require smart footage of yourself.

Our camera encompasses a timer operation that permits the  U.S. to line it, get into position then snap plenty of images of people.

Sometimes, we tend to use our phone as a far-off (and viewfinder) as a result of our camera having wireless local area network capabilities.

If your camera doesn’t have this operation, you’ll get yourself an Associate in Nursing intervalometer that may assist you to set a timer, the number of shots, and therefore the shooting frequency these area units sit nice ways in which of taking footage of yourself while not stressing regarding being in a pair of places directly.

3. Use a stand to urge take smart footage of yourself

Photos by Adorama

There you’ve got it! Our secret weapon. This can be the large trick we have a tendency to keep secret to require our couple footage for Instagram.

Go get yourself an honest, durable stand. This has been our greatest investment angel set, however.

Thanks for the recommendation Wanderers and Warriors.

You can’t admit others to require the photographs you would like, particularly if you’re shooting in Manual mode.

Trust us, do yourself a favor, and obtain a stand. it’ll facilitate your art therefore much! and, on high of serving to you’re taking smart footage of yourself, your stand is an excellent tool after you need to require night footage or long exposure shots.

4. Act naturally ahead of the camera to require a couple of footage for Instagram

person holding smartphone taking video of a concert near stage with lights during nighttime
Photo by Noiseporn

Sure, it’s a touch weird to cause ahead of a camera on a stand. Sure, folks can stare. however, ignore them and do your thing!

We were accustomed feel super awkward, but now, we have a tendency to simply act natural.

This can be most likely the most effective recommendation we are able to offer after you think about a way to take footage of yourself for Instagram.

Our biggest tip is simply to possess fun with it. it’ll show in your footage and facilitate others connect a lot of thereto.

Taking couple’s footage by yourself in Alona beach, Philippines

We started shooting and she or he set to steal my frozen dessert. Can’t get a lot of natural than that!

The best thanks to trying this is simply to steer around. Surprise one another with one thing offbeat (Derek can either twirl Pine Tree State or decide Pine Tree State up).

Or generally, if We have got a vision for what we wish, we have a tendency to make a case for it to every alternative and check out to make that as best we are able to.

5. Use the most effective lightweight of the day to require smart footage of yourself

Sure, you’ll just about amendment something with Lightroom and Photoshop, however, offer yourself an honest base 1st. make certain you shoot once the sunshine is the best and softest, aka Golden Hour.

If you’re keen on sunrise, then you’re in luck, as a result, that’s an honest time to shoot. If you’re like the U.S. and prefer to sleep, then you’re additionally in luck, as a result of you’ve got a golden hour before sunset too.

Shoot throughout the golden hour to require smart footage of yourself

photo of clouds during golden hour
Photo by Emerson Peters

Take advantage of the soft golden lighting at sunrise, at the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines.

If you’re shooting outside of these hours, once the sun is that the harshest, make certain you underexpose your footage therefore the sun doesn’t “burn” any pixels. Yeah, we have a tendency to could have learned this in an onerous manner.


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