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10 amazing benefits of having your portraits taken


Capturing beautiful portraits typically appears tough, however, it’s truly pretty straightforward once you recognize many tips and tricks.

Below, I share my ten absolute favorite techniques for shooting portraits, as well as tips for lighting, composition, perspective, and far a lot of.

I’ve additionally enclosed lots of portrait photography examples (to get you impressed as we tend to go along). Hopefully, by the time you’re done, you’ll be a lot of assured portrait creative person – and you’ll be excited to urge out your camera and take some lovely pictures of your own.

1. Alter your perspective

man in blue and white scarf
Photo by Aayushmaan Sharma

Most portraits are taken on the level along with your subject, wherever the optical lens aligns dead with the subject’s eyes.

Stunning portrait high perspective

Here, you’ve got many completely different choices.

You’ll raise your subject to change posture on the bottom so merely purpose your camera downward (this works well once shooting within the studio or on clean ground, however, it’s not one thing you’ll attempt once photographing in a very lake!).

You’ll conjointly notice a pleasant viewpoint, sort of a balcony or perhaps a roof, then raise your subject to appear up. And if you’re very centered on obtaining that overhead shot, you’ll bring a stool or ladder with you out into the sector.

2. Play with eye contact

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău

It’s superb what proportion the direction of your subject’s eyes will impact a picture.

Looking off-camera Ask your subject to specialize in one thing outside the frame (a tree off to the left, a house off to the correct, etc).

This will produce a sense of candor, and it will produce a bit of intrigue and interest; the viewer of the shot can be surprised what the topic is viewing, which can cause them to interact additional with the image.

3. Use the principles of portrait composition, then break them

man wearing hooded jacket sitting on beige concrete
Photo by Daniel Monteiro

There are many portrait photography composition rules (guidelines, really) out there, and I’ve continually had a love-hate relationship with them.

On the one hand, the principles are nice for beginners; on the opposite hand, as you progress, the principles can begin to carry you back. therefore during this section, I’ll begin by giving some helpful rules, so I’ll make a case for straightforward ways to interrupt them.

Then, as you advance in your skills, you’ll wish to experiment with breaking these rules. for example, putting your subject dead-center can violate the rule of thirds, however, it will generally produce a strong image (especially once symmetry is involved):

4. Experiment with lighting

man in black suit standing on stage
Photo by Aziz Acharki

In portrait photography, lighting is essential, and there are thousands of journal posts and video courses dedicated to portrait lighting.

As for light-weighting direction: Front light is best avoided, as a result of it tends to supply flat, bland pictures.

Instead, permanently portraits, I’d advocate light, which can add 3 spatialities and make the mood. I’d conjointly advocate backlighting, which may produce many mysteries.

5. Move your subject out of their temperature

Double decker bus in motion moves through the night on Hong Kong Island
Photo by Timon Studler

Unless you’re photographing skilled models, your subjects can be a small amount (or a lot!) uncomfortable before the camera.

And an uncomfortable subject makes for uncomfortable photos.

Then, as your subject begins to heat up and as you complete all the essential shots, raise them if you’ll produce additional attention-grabbing pictures.

Don’t push them, after all – you don’t wish to send them back to face one – however gently counsel that they combine things up a small amount. for example, you may raise them to leap, you may raise them to run, dance, make faces, climb trees, and more.

6. Shoot Honestly

digital camera
Photo by Szabo Viktor

Sometimes, exhibit shots will look somewhat…stiff. Bland.

And whereas there’s nothing wrong with an exhibit photograph, particularly if it’s for a company flyer, if your subject appears lifeless once exhibited, why not attempt a candid approach?

Ask your subject if you’ll shoot them at work, with family, or doing one thing that they love.

This can place them additionally relaxed, and you’ll find yourself capturing some extra-special shots wherever your subject reacts naturally to matters.

7. Introduce a prop

Photo by Adobe

Portrait photographers love props – and permanently reason. Props will add a way of story and place to a picture, they’ll facilitate your subject feel additionally relaxed, they’ll add interest, color, and texture…the list goes on.

So don’t be afraid to bring a few props to your portrait photoshoot. Then provide your subjects those that appear to suit with the scene and/or their temperament, and acquire photographing!

8. Specialize in one piece (and get shut up!)

Here are some fun thanks to producing distinctive portrait photos:
Use an extended lens (anything within the 100mm+ vary ought to work), then focus to capture some detail shots.

Woman’s arms in the field, Of course, be at liberty to travel even additional abstract than that; with a macro lens, you’ll specialize in small details, like the curl of your subject’s hand or the sunshine on their hair.

9. Obscure a part of your subject

baby in white knit cap lying on green fur textile
Photo by Gigin Krishnan

Throughout this text, I’ve stressed the worth of storytelling, mystery, and intrigue in portrait photography.

For instance, you’ll cowl the face with garments or hair, otherwise, you will use hats or scarves to hide the top.

Usually, it’s an honest plan to depart some recognizable options exposed, however, if you would like to create things very attention-grabbing, you may cowl your subject utterly (e.g., you may wrap the subject’s entire face in their hair!).

10. Take a series of shots to capture the action

Photo by Sungjun Hong

Whenever you’re photographing active portrait subjects – runners in motion, as within the image below, house owners wiggling with their pets, or perhaps kids simply

It permits you to nail those once-in-a-lifetime moments and expressions, sort of a couple trying with longing at each other, or a baby throwing leaves within the air.

It permits you to require a series of pictures that may be conferred along, as a singular story.

I don’t counsel victimization burst mode all the time unless you’ve got a large quantity of space for storing and don’t mind winnow through thousands of pictures once every photo shoot.


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