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Things you should avoid during a Photoshoot


On the journey of becoming a professional photographer many people guide you about the things you should do and the steps you should take to succeed in your career but no one never tells you their mistakes and what not to do.

It is very important to know the things you should avoid doing so in this blog we will tell you what not to do during a photo shoot.

#1 Do not forget the checklist before the photoshoot

gray and black fountain pen and book
Photo by Aaron Burden

Before every photo shoot, you should be completely prepared.

In the process of preparation, you make a checklist of the things you need to carry, the checklist has a series of photographs you want to take, the poses you want to cover, in short, you plan the entire photoshoot.

So you mustn’t forget this checklist of preparation before a photoshoot.

#2 Do not miss communication before and after the photoshoot

woman in red and black floral dress carrying black leather shoulder bag
Photo by Mariah Krafft

To understand the client’s needs communication is the key.

It is imperative to have a meeting before and after the photoshoot to ensure that you fulfill what the client wants.

You must not miss arranging this meeting before the photoshoot or else you will not be able to create the set that your customer wants.

Further, you should not miss arranging a meeting after the photoshoot to cross-check with your client if their wants are delivered or not.

#3 Do not use loud shutters and high-intensity flash

Photo by Learn Pro Photography

The photoshoot is a process where every person present on the set needs concentration to do their work properly so that the desired goal is achieved.

If you use a loud shutter and high-intensity flash, it can disturb the people present on the set which will result in a bad photoshoot.

For this reason, you should not use loud shutters and high-intensity flashes for photoshoots.

#4 Do not show RAW photos to your client

black DSLR camera
Photo by Eric Weber

An experienced photographer understands that after the process of photoshoot comes the process of editing wherein all the photos are adjusted and enhanced by the photographer.

Before this editing process, the photos are called RAW photos and you should never show your clients The RAW photos because they will not be able to visualize the result from it and it will leave a bad impression.

#5 Do not use distracting colors for making the set

The main objective of a photoshoot is to highlight the product or focus on the model.

Keeping in mind this objective you should design the set in such a way that it does not overpower the main subject of the photo.

If the background and the set are filled with vibrant colors it will distract the audience from the main subject of the photo.

So you should not use distracting colors for making a photography set.

Conclusion :

As the journey of your photographer will move forward you will make your own mistakes and learn what you should not do during a photoshoot but for starters, we have listed a few common mistakes that photographers do that you can avoid so that your photography session goes on smoothly.


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