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Top 10 Australian Photographers You Should Know

When it comes to photographers, there are lots of proficient people. If you need to get stimulated and motivated, you’ve come to the proper place. What a successful photographer seemed like withinside the past was very distinct from today.


Photographers commenced to evolve, morph, adapt, and transition to holding tempo with ever-changing trends and technology. A new, multi-professional style of photography emerged and we’re the fortunate ones who advantage of their vision.

Here we are recommending you top 10 photographers

1. Trent Parke

Photo by Trent Parke.

He is one of the modern photographers of his generation. He is best known for his poetic, frequently darkly humorous pictures that give an emotional and psychological portrait of his home of Australia from the southern outback to its busy beaches.

Though rooted in documentary, his works take a seat down among fiction and reality, exploring subject matters of identity, place, and family life.

His pictures have been exhibited extensively and are held in the foremost institutional collections, consisting of the National Gallery of Australia, Museum of Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of South Australia, Artbank, Magnum London, and Magnum Paris. In 2015, the solo exhibition The Black Rose, premiered at the Art Gallery of South Australia, providing pics and mild boxes.

2. David Bignell

Photo by David Bignell.

He was awarded as the Australian Photographic Prize winner for the Nikon Digital Awards, together with his access to a reflective self-portrait. His prize especially became designed to rejoice Australia’s Top Amateur Photographers with possibilities to be exhibited. David gained the Creative Category, Sponsored via way of means of Epson, in addition to being the general Nikon Digital Award winner.

He has gained the 2022 Australian Photographic Prize. His image is one in every chain he made at some point during the lockdown. He shares that “The fragility of tissue felt apt to explain the fragility of the thoughts below exclusive pressures. Ironically, being locked down opened a door to a brand new innovative area to explore”

3. Damien Bowerman

Photo by Damien Bowerman.

He is the winner of the EIZO Photographic Artist Prize, Sponsored through EIZO Australia. Bowerman’s access combines factors of mixed media in an innovative blend, displaying a person searching through a magnifying glass, and carrying a cap.

4. Juatine Khamara

Photo by Juatine Khamara.

He lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. In 2003 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Victorian College of the Arts. Khamara’s exercise thus far has sought to disrupt photography’s smooth, two-dimensional surfaces by constructing sculptures and collages entirely out of photographs. her paintings are high-quality and understood as a deeply psychological reaction to cutting-edge notions.

5. Ebony Finck

Photo by Ebony Flick.

He is an Australian- born springing photo media artist. The fragility of mortal reality and psyche is important to her exercise, which examines the flash nature of lifestyles and our emotional geography. She has explored those regular issues through the geography, beast, and mortal form.

After finishing her Advanced Diploma of Photography in 2015 at Photography Studies College Southbank, she divides her time between her own exercise and marketable structures in Australia and the USA. Her high-quality award turned into the Life Framer “After Dark” editors’ pick.

6. Bill Gekas

Photo by Bill Gekas.

He is a multi-presented and posted photographer that was born and is living in Melbourne Australia. His works had been posted in numerous artwork journals, books, magazines, newspapers, and different media outlets.

His famed exhibited works are generally of his younger daughter portraying a protagonist in a storytelling scene, a common child. The stylistic technique is understood to is a fusion of the atmosphere, mildness, and colorations of the vintage grasp painters’ work the usage of contemporary-day strobe lighting, and virtual seize and submit processing techniques.

7. Tracey Moffatt

Top 10 Australian Photographers You Should Know
Photo by Tracey Moffatt

He converted photographic exercise in Australia withinside the past due twentieth century. Her increased paintings changed into commodities similarly made withinside the equal time as her quick movie Night Cries A Rural Tragedy.

She had additionally begun evolving her trademark-built imagery which drew from her love of famous culture, especially TV, in addition to the visual trades, which include images, and movies.

This explains the importance of her early selection to explain herself as a picture-maker in place of a consultant in a selected medium, and her ongoing hobby in hybridization and combinatory forms.

8. Anastasia Fua

Photo by Anastasia Fua.

He outlines himself as a storyteller. He informs stories thru surreal pictures. Every time he creates a picture about a feeling, idea, or situation, a burden has been lifted off his shoulders, and his soul smiles. He usually purposes to create splendor in his works, as he’s creating a fairy story his pics display that fact and creativity is blurred.

Because he nonetheless accepts it as true within magic. He needs to deliver the not possible fact, to make the viewer experience and discuss. He opt for collection than unmarried pics because my tale isn’t always suddenly reduce quickly.

9. Chris Bray

Photo by Chris Bray

He leads numerous of our tenures and his ardor for wildlife, Images, and wild locations keeps to pressure on our growth. Chris grew up cruising across the world additionally leading world-first wain- hauling peregrinations throughout the arctic before getting an award- prevailing Australian Geographic photographer, and now a Lumix global minister.

Chris’s paintings have seemed in National Geographic and Discovery Channel together with Australian Geographic, TIME Magazine, etc. Chris is likewise an International Fellow of The Explorers Club’ and has been president of their Australia and New Zealand chapter.

Chris is likewise an eager high-latitude seaman, cruising the first-ever junk-carriage boat thru the Northwest Passage over the arctic with his additional woman.

10. Stuart Chape

Photo by Stuart Chape.

Collectible environmental and social photographer Stuart Chape specializes in aerial landscapes, however, frequently branches into documenting social troubles and

The quantity of awards he’s obtained over time is an extensive list; which includes being a two-time finalist withinside the Bowness Photography Prize, a semi-finalist withinside the Moran Photographic Award and Head-On Photo Festival, and counseled in the Sony World Photography Awards. His paintings have been in solo and organization exhibitions in towns inclusive of New York, Sydney, Mexico City, and Paris, to name a few.


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