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What is photography abbreviations, Explained?


Photography is a field of technical and artistic terms that describe aspects of image quality, camera parts, shooting and editing techniques and much more. You need to know the right words for camera gear, techniques, and settings to better engage with the art and craft of photography.

It’s best to start with images, there may be a data minefield to overcome. The global of pictures is full of abbreviations that permit longer phrases or terms to be greater effortlessly communicated.

If you’re simply beginning out as a photographer however, they might be greater complicated than helpful, and this manual turned into prepare only for you.

Photography is fun and once you know the basics and learn the lingo , You will be comfortable and comfortable with your photo projects. Bookmark this list so it’s always handy. Here is the accessible list that appears in some of the most common images of the place Abbreviations to help you decode this field.

AoV – Angle of view

Angle of view is a property of a lens. Term used to describe the angular range of a scene that a lens can see, measured in degrees.

B – Bulb

The camera’s Bulb mode allows you to manually open the shutter for the desired amount of time. It is used for long exposures or low light photography.

DAM – Digital Asset Management

Everything you do with your image files, from the moment you save the photo to your memory card, is called DAM. Includes editing, saving, converting, publishing, etc.

EXIF – Exchangeable Image File Format

Exchangeable Image File Format allows you to store information about images.
Data such as the date, location and camera settings of the photo are stored in a file format for later use.

FF – Full Frame

Full Frame cameras are cameras whose sensors have sensors with a film size of 35mm feature

HDR – High Dynamic Range

HDR photography is a technique that allows you to capture images of landscapes with a wide spectrum of light intensities .Several shots of the same scene are taken with different exposure values and combined in the camera editing software.

IQ – Image Quality

Image quality in photography is the degree of image degradation that affects the overall quality of the photo. Good photographic equipment and skills lead to better image quality.

IS – Image Stabilization

Image Stabilization is a technology that a lens or camera uses to compensate for camera shake to ensure image sharpness and blur.

SOOC – Straight from the camera

SOOC means the photo has not been processed or edited in photo editors.


Photo by Kaique Rocha:

The digital digicam function that mechanically adjusts the lens to accumulate focus on a topic to create a pointy picture. Pretty an awful lot all latest cameras and maximum latest lenses provide autofocus capabilities, which permits photographers to seize sharp pix of sports activities gamers in action, birds in flight, and a lot more.


Photo by Silver Wings

A digital digicam mechanically calculates and adjusts diverse digital digicam settings to provide a pointy, well-uncovered picture, taking into account shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and mild metering.

DOF -Depth of field

Photo by DPS

It is the sector of sharp cognizance in a photograph. Some photos function a slim intensity of field, wherein most effective a small sliver of the scene is in cognizance; different photos function a deep intensity of field, wherein the complete scene is in cognizance from foreground to background.

B/W-Black and white

Grayscale Photo Of A Mountain Covered With Snow
Photo by Balamurugan Anbazhagan

It is referred to as monochrome, this form of images capabilities pix that most effective include sun sunglasses of impartial gray that variety from black to white, as opposed to color.

JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

JPG, that is a lossy compression well known named after the organization that created it in 1992. It has due to the fact that grow to be the maximum extensively used compression approach withinside the international for virtual pix. The reality that it’s lossy method that enhancing and resaving the documents reasons a loss in picture best every time.


What is photography abbreviations explained?
Photo by Domenico Loia

Adobe’s Creative Cloud-based software program for enhancing and organizing photos.
Popular with photographers for file management, large photo unit selection and post-processing workflow.

NR-Noise Reduction

Digital processing to remove noise from an image, both in-camera thru firmware or thru a function/tool in an image processing and enhancing utility.


Also referred to as posting, that is the system of manipulating uncooked digital digicam statistics the usage of software program programs to create a very last more advantageous or adjusted image. This can encompass each primary edit and extra complicated edits.


What is photography abbreviations explained?
Photo by Caio

The raster snap shots and image enhancing software created via way of means of Adobe. First launched in 1988, Photoshop has turn out to be the enterprise popular utility for photographers. The software program is so ubiquitous that its call has turn out to be a general time period for all image enhancing

RGB- Red, green and blue

What is photography abbreviations explained?
Photo by Jerin J

An additive color version wherein the primary colors red, green, and blue are added in various proportions to create a huge variety of feasible colors. As an additive version, red, inexperienced, and blue are delivered to black, and the whole color scheme is white.

SD – Secure Digital

What is photography abbreviations explained?
Photo by TheRegisti

SD is a memory card format. An SD memory card is a card that you insert into your camera to store and store your photos.

SLR- single lens reflex camera

What is photography abbreviations explained?
Photo by Pierre Bamin

A camera that uses an equal lens to view the scene and focus its image onto a movie emulsion or solid-kingdom photosensor. It is normally mixed with the capacity to conform to one in every of numerous lenses and is regularly extra flexible than the scope.

TTL-Through the lens

What is photography abbreviations explained?
Photo by Brandi Redd

Lens metering measures luminance after it has passed the camera lens and provides readings or adjustments that allow for changes in aperture and focus, filters, etc.

UV – Ultraviolet

What is photography abbreviations explained?
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths below about 400 nm that are not visible to the human eye.


There are an a plenty of standard photography abbreviations that you should be aware with. Of course, there are many more acronyms for photography, but if you understand the fundamentals, it will be simpler for you to learn new ones as you go.


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