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Creative Holiday Photo Ideas to Keep You Smiling


The holidays are a time for us to gather and spend quality time with those we care about. Starting with Thanksgiving and lasting through New Year’s Day, this is a season when you may look forward to making some wonderful family memories.

While the holidays are a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, they can also be a very hectic time.

The 24 hours in a day may fly by, from shopping to traveling, cooking, and coordinating all the things in between.

All of this might make collecting the family for a holiday-card-worthy shot one of the season’s most difficult tasks. A lot goes into detailed family photo preparation, which includes picking what to wear and where to take the photos.

Especially when coming up with ideas for family Christmas picture shoots.


Photo by Elina Fairytale.

Consider displaying these hobbies with a unique family Christmas picture idea for families that like bicycling, boating, skating, or any other fast-paced sport.

Whether you’ve recently started a new pastime or have been doing it for years, a funny snapshot depicting how your family goes from the place may be entertaining to interact with.


two men taking selfie in lawn
Photo by Alexander Grey

The “selfie” image is not going away. Looking for a simple, informal, and enjoyable family Christmas photo idea? Take a look at your own phone. Taking a selfie may be as easy as using your arm, or if you need a little extra height, invest in a cheap selfie stick. Increase the distance between the camera and your family subjects to catch more of the background.

Leave a filthy floor or table in the backdrop, stand in front of a recognized structure, or include a prepared “photo bomb” of a local celebrity in these Christmas picture ideas.

Discover an Outdoor Art Wall

Photo by Marjan Blan.

Artists painted their magnificent works of art in a variety of styles, particularly in 2020. Artists have created stunning paintings on external walls in both huge metropolis areas and little rural villages. These are also known as wall murals or wall graffiti and come in a variety of creative designs and colors.

Stay Simple

With a basic backdrop and casual attire, make the love your family shares the major focus of your Christmas photo.

Grab the kids, put on your favorite attire, and pose in front of a plain grey or white wall. This is a terrific alternative for families seeking a simple and lovely family photo idea.

Go for A Nature Walk

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz

Is your family interested in nature? Bring nature into your Christmas card! This woodland scene is ideal for an autumn family portrait session. The natural greens and browns of the grass and trees will provide a striking backdrop for your family, and the light shining through the leaves will provide a dazzling glow.

Fight in the Snow

girl in pink jacket and pink pants standing on snow covered ground during daytime
Photo by Stefan Pasch

During the “most lovely time of the year,” a snowball fight is an excellent way to share holiday happiness.

Capture the spirit of the season by including a snow battle on the front of your holiday card. Your children will enjoy the competitive fun, and you will treasure the adorable images for years to come.

Get A Ride

What better place for Christmas photos than the bed of a vintage pickup truck, loaded with all the holiday essentials? Simply gather all of your favorite Christmas decorations and pose for the ideal holiday snapshot.

Posing will also be simplified because you may sit on the truck bed. One of your local Christmas tree farms or holiday fairs may already have a picture station set up with all of the seasonal elements, making this look much easier to achieve.

Shadow on the Baby

man kissing baby
Photo by Mikael Stenberg

Make Baby giggle for a holiday snapshot that will warm everyone’s heart. There’s no better way to show off the tenderness of a growing family than to include a picture of your infant smiling on the family Christmas card.

Having a real moment with your child while shooting is the ideal method to get a relaxed and natural-feeling vacation snapshot.

Make use of Your Shoulders

Photo by Edi Libedinsky

Capture a lovely family moment by displaying some paternal affection.

This is the ideal position for a family of four. Simply place one youngster on each parent’s shoulders for a festive snapshot that is filled with love and light.

You can also do this family photo elsewhere, so get creative with the location!

Look for a Scenic Rooftop

Photo by Toa Heftiba

This year, head to a rooftop with a view for a creative photographic opportunity. Consider whether you know of any public rooftop parking spaces or towering platforms that may provide a striking background for your 2021 family portrait.


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