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A Guideline for professional photo and it’s restrictions


The photos that an expert lensman hands over to you’re a part of their life’s work.

Its stigmatization is important to their future success therefore their area unit several necessary restrictions to notice once it involves the skilled digital pictures that you just receive.

1. Copyright

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Photo by Markus Winkler

The digital pictures that your lensman provides you with have a copyright, which suggests the lensman has the choice to use those photos to promote their work and services anytime within the future.

We have a tendency to area units but are additionally respectful of our purchasers therefore if there area unit any pictures that you just would favor staying personal, it’s best to allow us to fathom it prior time so we will honor your desires.

2. Image kind

Photo by Surface

We have a tendency to aren’t ready to give you the first files or raw pictures. All pictures given to the consumer are cropped and emended.

If you are doing need more bit ups we might have to be compelled to give you a quote.

3. Image fixing

Whereas we have a tendency to appreciate your business and welcome the sharing of our photos on social media platforms, we have a tendency to raise that the pictures not be altered in any approach as this can be against our copyright policies.

What constitutes image altering?

  • Adding filters or written material photos in Photoshop
  • Removing our brand or studio name
  • Color correcting or together with transitions from color to black and white
  • Clipping individuals or objects out of the first shot

So why can we have this as a restriction?

Our photos area unit an illustration of our work therefore once a client alters a picture it directly impacts our name and whole within the trade.

Once we gift you with the final pictures, they need already been through our written material method and don’t need more alterations.

Once the pictures area unit is altered, the results aren’t continually reflective of our original work and may then be mistaken for ours. we have a tendency to greatly appreciate your loyalty and cooperation during this matter.

Our area unit is happy to allow a quote if you wish pictures to be emended in an exceedingly specific approach or if you wish more alterations created.

4. Printing

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Photo by Adam Winger

We have a tendency to perceive that you just will get the bottom prints and icon merchandise at the discount retailers. However, we have a tendency to reserve the correct to limit the places that you just should purchase proprietary prints from.

The reason for this restriction is that you just employed an expert to require portraits that you just area unit happy with and wish to show or gift to others.

Our whole is connected to those photos and also the lower-priced retailers don’t carry the standard standards, products, or color standardization standards that skilled vendors do.

This lower quality normal may end up in associate unfavorable illustration of the photos that the lensman has provided you, which may harm our whole and name.

We love and respect our purchasers and wish your patronage to remain in business and still do what we have a tendency to love therefore we wish to form affordable accommodation for them while protective our business interests at an equivalent time.

It is a fragile balance. you ought to continually talk to your lensman for specific restrictions however these pointers generally apply to any or all.


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