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Awesome 7 tips for beginners to get started with Fine art photography


Photography is not just a profession or career option but a dream for many. People struggle to learn the perfect art of Photography.

In my opinion, photography is not just a camera click and editing. It needs some hardcore handling hands for the camera gears, a creative person, some innovative ideas, a suitable location & atmosphere, efforts, and most importantly patience.

Not just one thing, but all the things mentioned are vital for a perfect shot worth capturing. And of course, post-processing is a matter of second thought. Once you are done clicking the picture, you can go for lost processing edits if you want.

What do you think? Am I right with my thoughts? Give it a second thought though.
There are so many different types of Photography with various genres.

And, honestly speaking, all of the Photography genres are unique and amazing in their way. This blog has a nutshell of Fine art photography. So let’s dive into it.

What is Fine art photography?

Photo by Brett Sayles

Fine art photography does not mean a photograph that is merely captured, focusing only on what is in front of the lens.

But this photography means creating a normal picture with an aesthetic and creative outlook and qualities. It is something to do with the photographer’s vision of seeing the world around him/her.

What are 7 Basic Tips to get started with Fine Art photography

For every photography genre, we need some basic important tips and ideas for getting started with it. And, to go with the flow I also bring you some exciting tips to get started with Fine Art Photography.
Here we go!

1. Following the works of famous Fine art Photographers

Photo by Pixabay

No one is born with any magical skill by birth. Though there are exceptions, it doesn’t matter.

We have to be trained by a professional photographer and their works if we genuinely to move ahead.

And, with fine art photography, you will have to follow the works of famous Photographers of this genre.

You need to understand the skill they acquire to capture pictures, and the techniques they use, because each one of them uses some unique styles.

2. Body of work

Photo by Daisa TJ

It seems a bit weird but it works well. Body of work means a collection of photos that are interrelated to each other and conveys a message altogether.

For instance, if you have clicked 10-12 photos, the viewer should not find any difficulty in identifying the message conveyed through them and they must understand the vision of the Photographer.

Because sometimes a single image is not enough for portraying the vision or concept by the photographer.

3. Avoid monochrome all the time

Photo by Aedrian

Yes, when people think about fine art photography, the first thing that comes to their mind is black and white color.

Because the B&W theme avoids distraction and focuses on the concept of the picture.

But lemme tell you some simple compositions are better with colorful data. Use monochrome only when it adds more significance to your picture.

4. Be ready with an artist statement

Photo by Lliana Maione

An artist statement is nothing but a few statements that give a summation of what your project is all about. And it is better if you get ready with this before you start your project so that you have a better view of your project.

5. Use the unique style and processing techniques

Photo by Sergey Katyshkin

For your project to stand out, you must use a unique color grading technique. Uniqueness helps your project to be identified differently from others and grab more attention.

6. Use post-processing to alter reality

Photo by Erik Mclean

As fine art photography is all about the photographer’s vision, use some additional extraordinary post-processing effects to make it different from the real composition.

7. Use a specific theme or subject

Photo by Asm Arif

If you’re going with the body of work, use a specific theme or subject for all the photos. Suppose, you take up a project of capturing famous tombs and mosques.


Fine art photography is all about the personal interpretation of the photographer. So be more and more creative and imaginative.


Writer CreditSohana Khan
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