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Top 10 Best Places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in India


What better time to enkindle the love than right before Valentine’s Day? This time, Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, so you will not have to worry about missing work or sticking to a regular date for your special day. Plan the most romantic weekend by conveying your nuts to a romantic position in India.

For Valentine’s Day, there are numerous places to visit in India. There are numerous locales to travel to for Valentine’s Day, whether you prefer the mountains or the strands. You can hold hands and discourse while watching beautiful daylight if you wake up next to each other, or you can watch a passionate evening together.

Then it is a little commodity from us to make your Valentine’s vacation more pleasurable while you suppose a gift for your nut. When you speak a flight using InterMiles, you can accrue long hauls.

The Green Royalty of Munnar

Munnar, located in Kerala, is the ideal holiday spot for those who love the outside and desire to fall in love with the girding foliage just as important as they do each other. The delights of this hill region are the lengths of tea colonies and the mesmerizing falls.

Munnar is one of the most popular romantic destinations in the South because it’s brimming with love. Visit the Eravikulam National Park, embark on a hike to one of the falls, or join a Munnar sightseeing trip. Your remembrances of this hill station covered in verdure will haul at your heartstrings ever.

The zenith of love is in Goa

Goa is the place to be for couples who want their Valentine’s week to be the most instigative one ever!

Couples from around the world constantly visit this” Party Capital of India” all time long. With its wide variety of strands, the extravagance of audacious conditioning, succulent seafood, and oh-so-passing escapism, you have a wide

range of possibilities to customize your romantic flight. Both partygoers and those seeking peace can find commodities to do in Goa. Goa is among the Stylish Places to Visit for Valentine’s Day in India because of its variety.

Udaipur, the City of Old-School Romance

Udaipur comes in alternate among the most well-liked romantic locales in India. The megacity is frequently referred to as the” Venice of the East” and” City of Lakes” and is known for its tranquil lakes.

As old as time itself, castles and royal palaces offer an antiquated yet royal touch to everyone’s love story, which the suckers unfeignedly enjoy. thus, this suckers’ day may be the ideal time to visit Udaipur if you enjoy literal love and want to give your own love story a royal faculty. That is, with your cherries.

The Love Station in Manali

Manali would be the first romantic destination that comes to the utmost peoples’ minds when they suppose a honeymoon. One of the finest locales for romantic guests is this lovely hill station, which is located amidst the snow-covered hills of Himachal Pradesh.

The ideal time to arrange a trip to Manali is around Valentine’s Day. You can get cozier, more in love, and more intimate than ever with each other because of its green denes, snowy peaks, and frigid rainfall. You can do several adventure conditioning in Manali with your significant other.

The City of Love, Ooty

Ooty must be included in any discussion about romantic holiday spots. Ooty, one of South India’s most stirring spots, is a must-see if you want to spend time with your significant other soaking up the pure beauty of the natural world.

Couples constantly visit there because of its unmatched beauty, assessing hills, and constantly nice climate. So, if you want to make this Valentine’s Day special for both you and your mate, Ooty is the place to go. It’ll save all of your romantic joneses better than anywhere differently.

Love is in the Waters at Alleppey

You should think about celebrating Valentine’s Day in Alleppey if your plans include having a tranquil and relaxed vacation with your significant other.
Alleppey, which is famed for its restorative backwoods, is a position that exalts the pure natural spirit of India.

Couples can indeed reserve houseboats to see nature at its most pristine. Krishnapuram Palace, Marari Beach, Alleppey Beach, etc. are many lodestones that you mustn’t miss if you want to explore further Alleppey’s beauty and try out romantic conditioning with your significant other.

The Green Paradise Nainital

Nainital is a must-visit if you and your companion are suckers for lovely decor
! This holiday destination is located in Uttarakhand. Naini Lake, Naini Peak, Eco Cave auditoriums, etc. are just a few of the numerous sightseer spots that are well-known for their stunning decorations.

The trip to the amazing hill station will make your Valentine’s bid an indelible experience and bring you two closer than ever. To witness the romantic evening, choose some exhilarating adventure exertion, or go on a long romantic drive, head to these romantic and reticent locales of Nainital.

The Heaven on Earth is Srinagar

The capital of J&K in the summer is Srinagar. For suckers, it’s an awful romantic retreat. Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, is stretched with all of nature’s gifts. Srinagar is a sight to behold thanks to its stunning dens, calm gutters and lakes, and lovely auditoriums.

Numerous people dream of spending their particular Valentine’s Day amidst Kashmir’s natural splendor, making it the ideal position for a romantic vacation. Due to its thriving tourism business, Srinagar also provides a wide range of conditioning for callers!

Pondicherry, India’s Paris

Pondicherry is a union home in India that’s encircled by the Bay of Bengal and the state of Tamil Nadu. Pondicherry, also known as the Paris of India, draws callers with its veritably spiritual atmosphere, long stretches of rocky strands,

backwoods, and the wide range of cookeries it offers. It’s one of the most interesting places to take your mate because it’s distinctive. Spend some quiet time with your special someone while traveling the tranquil strands, major French colonies, or Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Enjoy your Valentine’s Week in the comfort of this beautiful megacity while you bid your worries farewell.

The romantic retreat that’s Mount Abu

Last but not least, one of the most romantic locales is Mount Abu, which is in Rajasthan. This lovely hill city has several religious milestones, which give it a peaceful and quiet appearance. A stunning outlook of the Aravalli Hills and a constantly affable climate are two gifts bestowed upon Mount Abu. It’s like finding an oasis in the middle of a desert. Mount Abu is a great option for anyone looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day in India in a kindly low- crucial manner.


This concludes our list of Stylish Places to Visit for Valentine’s Day in India. Our thing was to consolidate your distant studies into a single position that would be applicable to your romantic adventure.

With the information collected then, you may plan the ideal small romantic vacation depending on your preferences and those of your partner. We wish you stylish luck in choosing the position that your significant other connects with the most on Valentine’s Day.


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