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Top 10 reasons why you should have Lomo Camera?


The popularity of old-school analog photography has skyrocketed in recent years, because of an improvement of interest among skilled and amateur photographers.

If you’re exploring different kinds of photography, analog offers several distinctive advantages — just like the incontrovertible fact that it teaches you to become a far better creative person which always needs nominal to zero written material.

And in fact, there’s the exhilarating feeling of getting to attend before you’ll see the pictures you worked thus exhausting to compose and capture.

Now, if you’re a bit additional out there as a creative person and you like experimenting with totally different cameras and photography designs, then you’ve most likely thought of venturing into the exciting world of Lomography for some purpose.

As a singular sort of photography, Lomography enables you to try new designs and become additional inventive together with your pictures.

It’s each Associate in Nursing analog camera movement and a community expedited by The Lomographic Society International.

This movement motivates practitioners to be inventive and manipulate their shots.

1. It’s compact.

Black and Silver Dslr Camera
Photo by Lisa Fotios

It fits in your pocket and you’ll hold it in one hand thus you’ll simply shoot from the hip (or from where you fancy!)

2. The Vignetting

green plant with white and blue light
Photo by Fábio Hanashiro

Vignetting is a reduction of an image’s brightness or saturation toward the periphery compared to the image center, however now could be a vital a part of the Lomo LC-A look that adds temperament to any or all your footage.

3. The Light meter

man in white hoodie riding on bicycle on street during daytime
Photo by Scott Evans

This easy device means that all of your footage is properly exposed.

It’s as easy as that, Whether or not it’s an excellent bright day in a very resort or the dead of night the sunshine meter keeps your shutter for precisely the correct quantity of your time.

4. Flexibility.

blackand grey camera
Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev

The medium of film remains going sturdy. There’s a 35mm film for all things – and they’ll all suit your LC-A+!

5. They’re robust

Photo by Bernd Dittrich

I’ve born my Lomo LC-A+ many times (including one slightly embarrassing incident in my work’s park involving a client’s automotive bonnet – automotive bonnet came off worse!) and it’s ne’er uncomprehensible a beat.

6. The focusing is easy

A Woman using a Camera
Photo by Karolina Grabowska

The zone focus system means you don’t ought to expect a slow optical device system to live, calculate and at last permit the shutter to fireplace – it all happens instantly.

7. It continuously takes the image

Person Holding Film Strip
Photo by Markus Spiske

Get too shut with different compacts, they’ll simply say “no”. typically a touch of sentimental focus is simply what you’re once – you create the selections, not the camera.

8. The Flux unit feature

Photo by Angelina Boyko

I used to be skeptical concerning this feature initially, however have recently return to fancy creating ‘doubles’.

The flux unit feature offers you the choice to try and do doubles as you go on. Or not. so perhaps do another. As usually as you’re feeling like, it’s up to you!

9. It helps to begin conversations

woman in gray sweater standing beside woman in white shirt
Photo by Adam Winger

Folks need to grasp “why square measure you continue to exploitation film?”, it’s a true ice-breaker.

Oh, and kids notice it funny that you simply can’t see the image on the rear of the camera once you’ve taken it!

10. You stand out from the group.

boy sitting on bench while holding a book
Photo by Ben White

Thus everyone else has ‘Fancy Dan’ digital compacts? Well, that’s fine if all you wish to try and do is simply record a bland image of specifically what’s before of the lens – however American state, I would like to check my reminiscences recorded with a touch of analog heat and charm.


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