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10 tips for taking better maternity photographs


Expecting a child is one of the most special moments in someone’s life and being a photographer you get a chance to capture this special part of their journey. Here we will help you in making the experience memorable for you and the family, just follow the tips given in this blog.

Make the family feel comfortable

As this is a very personal time that the family is willing to share with you, you have to make sure that the entire family is made comfortable in the shooting atmosphere and they feel involved in the entire process.

Third trimester is the best time

To capture the real essence of pregnancy you have to do the photoshoot in the third trimester. Having said that you must ensure that you have enough time and necessary help on stand-by if needed.

Customization is the Key

Every family and every little human is different in its own way. So to make the photoshoot special you should customize the themes according to the family’s origins and their personalities. Through the photograph, you should be able to assess that they are a happy family.

Keep coordinated clothing

It is very adorable when a family is wearing coordinated clothes, it brings up a sense of togetherness and unison. When planning a shoot, playing with colors of similarity can make the photoshoot even better.

Don’t forget to take special Mom and Dad photos

Man Holding the Tummy of the Pregnant Woman
Photo by Jonathan Borba

Becoming parents is a start of a new life and journey, to celebrate this there must be a special segment where there are mom and dad photos only. This will help them cherish this memory forever.

Capture the candid moments

Pregnant Woman doing Excercise
Photo by Yan Krukov

Having the privilege of capturing family moments is special and the real beauty of it is hidden in the candid moments only. As a photographer, you should be ready to capture these candid moments silently.

Have good communication with the family

You must ensure that the photoshoot is happening as per the expectations of the family, you can talk to them from time to time and ask if there is anything you need to change or incorporate. Having proper communication with the family will make everyone happy.

Let the family pick whether the indoor or outdoor shoot

It should be totally up to the family members where they want to shoot. Everyone has their preference and you should be ready to serve them as they need. So give them the option and be prepared for any scenario.

Pay attention to lighting

Photo by Greyerbaby

In these heavenly moments of pregnancy, the mother of the child has a special glow and it is the duty of the photographer to set up lights in such a way that they are favorable and the natural beauty of the mother is enhanced and not suppressed.

Keep reviewing the photographs

This is a time where are you don’t get a chance to redo the entire photoshoot. So in the middle of shoots, you should with the presence of family review the photographs taken till that time and make sure that the family is happy with what is going on till then.


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