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7 Basic steps for Portrait modification in Lightroom


Photography- and art of representing any piece of element out in this world in the best unique way. People around the world have different ways of representing art.

But photography is a bit different all. It is not about sketching, painting, or any sort of hand-work, rather it is an art of capturing and modifying a piece of Image or photo taken by a camera.

Photo by Ani Kolleshi

We are all aware of the fact that photography is not a small field but a huge profession. There are innumerable variations in the genre of photography.

Such as wildlife photography, nature photography, food photography, Landscape Photography, vintage Photography, fashion photography, sports photography, portrait photography, architectural photography, etc. And there are many more to count in this list of Photography.

Portrait photography

Every different genre of photography is unique in its way. And each has a different theme, a different outlook, and also requires different skills and techniques.

Let us discuss more portrait photography.

What is Portrait Photography?

ombre-haired woman taking selfie
Photo by Tamara Bellis

When we capture the personality of a person or maybe a group of people, it is known as Portrait photography.

A portrait is captured using a sharp focus on a major part of the portraiture with a soft focus on minor regions with minute details, effective background, and adequate manner of lighting.

There are different types of techniques for capturing an outstanding piece of portrait but one of the best of all is when the photographer captures the essence of the person’s eyes and face structure with sharp focus letting the minor regions with soft focus. This creates amazing portraitures.

Lighting in Portraits

shallow focus photography of woman wearing gray top
Photo by Victoria Heath

Lighting is the main objective of portrait photography. The lighting effect could either create a masterpiece or nothing at all. In portrait photography, lighting determines the outlook and the result of the photo session.

There are genuinely numerous techniques of lighting in Portraits. And each conveys a different outlook.

Three different types of lighting are key light, fill light and backlight. Each of them emphasizes different elements of portraiture.


person using MacBook Pro on brown wooden desk
Photo by Domenico Loia

The world of photography has evolved hugely with the invention of new digital cameras, gears, lenses, and some useful tools.

Photography is somewhat impossible in some aspects when it comes to editing. Yes, editing these days is a must for every image clicked. It creates a better version and quality picture.

We have so many editing software and tools available for Photography purposes nowadays. And every tool is pretty good. But there are some best tools out of them. They are Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Snapseed, Canvas, etc.

So, the rest of the blog covers all about portrait modification in Lightroom. Let’s hop into it.

Portrait modification in Lightroom

Editing is an art, but the arts become much easier with editing tools like Lightroom. We get all sorts of editing features available here and there is absolutely nothing that it lacks. Editing becomes easier and simpler when we click portraits with adequate lighting and other touch-ups.

Let’s go through 7 simple steps of portrait modification in Lightroom.

1. Importing

Photo by DPMag

Import your portrait or picture to the Lightroom editing window for editing.

2. Adjustment

black iPad
Photo by Jye B

Adjust the values or placement of white balance, exposure, highlight, and shadow on the adjustment scale. These 4 elements are key adjustments, if you have a proper adjustment of these only then you can have attractive portraiture.

3. Increment

Photo by TraceyAPhotos

Apply increment in the vibrance and saturation balance of the image for clear and sharp observance.

4. Cropping

Photo by Onur Binay

Crop or alter the corners of the portrait if required.

5. Skin tone adjustment

Photo by Photographypla

Soften the toner of the skin and give a fine texture to the skin of the person in the portrait.

6. Adjusting facial features

man wearing maroon V-neck t-shirt in forest
Photo by Drew Hays

Brighten the eyes and if required add color and brightness to the mouth and whiten the teeth. It makes the personality of the person more attractive and creates impactful portraiture.

7. Other (Hair Adjustment)

woman wearing black and white striped top and round eyeglasses
Photo by Tamara Bellis

Make the hair lighter and soften the background.


These are the basic guidelines for portrait modification in Lightroom, go for your first Lightroom editing without any hesitation.


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