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What are the best camera Angles in Photography: A Quick Way to Enhance Your Shots


Want to feature interest and selection in your photos?

Then attempt operating with completely different camera angles! It’s an easy compositional technique to use – you just ought to move your camera in several directions – and it’ll create a huge difference.

Dramatic tattooed male sitting at piano
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

But what photography angles are best? however does one prefer the proper point of view for every situation? That’s wherever this text comes in handy.

Below, I share 5 angles that just about forever get nice results. I make a case for the way to use them after they look best, and I provide some tips and tricks to require your pictures to a subsequent level.

I conclude with a sensible experiment, within which I photograph a scene from some completely different angles to point out exactly what every adjustment will do for your photos.

Ready to become an image angle master? Let’s dive right in.

The 5 essential photography angles

Technically, there is an infinite range of angles to settle on – however, I like to recommend you learn just five. they will act as your angle bread and butter, and whereas you’re liberated to improvise angles on your own, these are tried-and-tested choices that are much more certain to work.

If you’ll commit these 5 angles to memory, then you’ll be able to handle nearly any state of affairs. And if you utilize a range of angles systematically, the standard of your photos can undergo the roof.

1. Bird’s-eye read

Photo by Jenny Lerner

The bird’s-eye read angle is straightforward in theory, however, it’s usually troublesome to tug off. You get high higher than your subject, then shoot downward to attain photos like this.

2. The high angle

woman sitting on mountain cliff
Photo by Diogo Sousa

A high angle isn’t as extreme as a bird’s-eye angle. Instead, you simply ought to establish your subject, then get some inches or feet higher than it.

Fortunately, this angle is usually straightforward to tug off – you always simply ought to get up or raise your camera higher than your head – and also the result’s cool. A high angle usually makes your subject look smaller or a lot more vulnerable.

3. Face to face

Nice Woman with Curly Dark Hair Standing on Road
Photo by Jace Oner

The face-to-face angle is completed at your subject’s eye level. (If you’re photographing a flower, it’s on the amount of the flower’s head; if you’re photographing a landscape, it’s typically some feet off the bottom.)

The result is commonly extremely participating and helps to ascertain an affiliation between the topic in your icon and also the person viewing it.

This angle could be a tremendous thanks to facilitating the viewer’s access to the tiny world of the topic. It works nicely with children.

4. The low angle

Photo by Poltu shyamal

As you would possibly expect, the low-angle shot is achieved by getting below the subject’s eye level and shooting upward. It’s not a massively in style angle due to its issue you usually thought to get down within the dirt – however, the results are often well worth the effort.

You see, as you get down lower, you create the topic seem larger. This usually adds a looming feeling to your photos, and it’s nice for accenting toughness.

5. Bug’s-eye read

Photo by Brent Mail

The bug’s-eye angle, conjointly referred to as the worm’s-eye angle, works simply the manner it sounds:

You get down as low as you’ll and appear straight up toward your subject.


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