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Best Tips for a tempting Food Photography


“People who love to eat are always the best people.” — Julia Child

Are you a food lover?.. Some people eat to live but there are people too who live to eat. Particularly those people who are food lovers can eat more than their diet.

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian??.. Yeah, that’s another sort of question to foods people. People who avoid meat, egg, and chicken are generally considered vegetarians. And the non-vegetarians prefer both green and red sections of the food.

Food is not just for filling up our appetite or helping ourselves in hunger in the world today. But it is a subject of passion and career now. There are so many career-related options with food.

Have you heard of bloggers? Yes, you heard that right. Bloggers are people who make videos interacting with their audiences about their life and many more things.

Food blogging is one such activity that people are following as their passion and career. Moreover, food-related career fields are cooking(chef), food tasting experts(food technology engineering), blogging, food photography, etc.

Today where food is considered a brand more than what its actual value is, let us describe food in simple words.

What is FOOD?

By definition, food is a diet consisting of edible items that provide us energy for our daily life activities, growth of body, and proper functioning of our body.
As you read above, food is a passion widely found in all types of career fields. And Food Photography is one of them. Let us know more about it.

What is Food Photography?

Photos by DJ

Food photography is still life photography used to create attractive and tempting food photography shots.

And, you might be knowing that this very photography is used as a medium in food advertising, commercial advertisement specialization, magazines ads, over packaging, and menus of food in restaurants.

For becoming a Food photographer you need expertise in some aspects like editing, communication, networking, light composition, and sometimes cooking is good. You also need to follow some basic tips and tricks for this.

Some of the best tips for a tempting Food photography
As you know,

“Good food makes a good mood”.

Some basic tips for amazing Food photography could be these.

1. Light Intensity

white and brown dish on brown plate
Photo by Annie Spratt

The most important thing to be perfect in food photography is the intensity of the light. You should be aware of how the light hits the food and how it could be adjusted properly for an outstanding shot.

2. Natural light

person holding mason jar with filled with juice at daytime
Photo by Toa Heftiba

For a perfect shot of food avoid using overhead lamps or built-in flash. Prefer natural light for an amazing shot. This will make your food appear come live in pictures and they’ll look more tempting in reel than in real.

3. Angles

cooked food on white ceramic plate
Photo by Louis Hansel

Different food items look differently from individual angles due to their distinct color, shape, and sizes. Some might look great from a side angle, some from the front, and some from the backside angle. So, try different angles for different food.

4. Using fresh ingredients

variety of vegetables
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck

Yes, fresh food looks good to eat and capture too. If you think you could work out with the angles and light to hide the flaws of fresh food, then you’re wrong. It might not work all the time. So, use fresh ingredients. Smart work can save your time and effort.

5. Adequate saturation

cooked dish on gray bowl
Photo by Lily Banse

Yeah, that’s correct that food looks more tempting when its color pops out. But beware of not using oversaturated to your photographs.


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