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DSLR VS Mirrorless cameras: What do professionals prefer?


Ever since the invention of color photographic films and cameras, different manufacturers of cameras have upgraded their quality and updated new features with every newly launched model.

Not only cameras but there are options in lenses too. Choosing a camera is quite difficult sometimes. This is because we have a sea of options to choose from. And, above that, we cannot overlook even a tiny detail or feature of the particular camera. We have to look for every little detail of the camera we choose as per our Photography interest and the subject we choose.

While going through the options, we come across two mighty camera options- DSLR and Mirrorless camera. Both the camera models are best at it. Both offer excellent specs and an array of features and deliver quality pictures. Though both the camera models are best at it, they do differ in some aspects. Let us find out what feels like to use both the models, separately.

DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras

Photo by Jared Polin

Both DSLR and Mirrorless Camera have continued to evolve and improve with the latest updated innovations of camera technologies. But, there exist a stable debate in the photography world comparing DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras.

After all, by the end, you ought to know whether a Mirrorless camera or a DSLR is better for you. So let us discuss the ins and outs of both the cameras in comparative points for a decent and quality selection.

Before the debate warrants continue, let us understand what both the camera is.

DSLR is a digital single-lens reflex camera with interchangeable lenses. It is the digital variant of the SLR camera. This means that it uses digital image sensors instead of photographic films to capture images.

Unlike other cameras, the Mirrorless Cameras comes without a reflecting mirror which means that it doesn’t allow a natural way of previewing an image through the viewfinder.

DSLRs vs Mirrorless Cameras

Here, we will discuss the main pros and cons of both cameras on a comparison basis.

1. Size and weight

man using his black DSLR camera
Photo by Tom Pumford

When it comes to choosing a camera, size, and weight matters a lot. In most photography situations, we are likely to move around to click pictures. And so the more portable and handy your gear is, the better it is.

DSLR cameras are typically bigger and higher while mirrorless cameras come with a lighter and portable body. Here, it can be advantageous as it will be easy to carry lightweight Mirrorless Cameras but the disadvantage of this is that while using bulky lenses it will be difficult to balance a lightweight camera with heavy lenses.
And, some APS-C DSLRs also come with a light body.

2. Lenses

six black zoom lenses
Photo by Hunter Moranville

DSLRs are the best veteran cameras in the market for a long time. And so it comes with a wider range of lens options. While mirrorless it comes with a few lens options, which is a drawback.

If you use DSLR-sized lenses with a Mirrorless camera, it will be hard to manage the balance and it can also affect some features of the camera i.e. decelerated auto-focus, zooming, and focal point. So, at this point, the veteran camera has the edge.

3. Batteries

For photographers working in the field for long stretches, battery life is very important. And, a Mirrorless camera stands behind DSLR at this point. Because with a smaller body comes a smaller battery cell, which does not last long. While working with DSLR is stress-free without running out of battery power.

4. Viewfinder

black DSLR camera capturing road
Photo by Miha Jan Strehovec

A DSLR comes with a mirror that reflects the image on the viewfinder whereas a mirrorless camera comes without a mirror so the viewfinder image is created electronically.

5. Induced vibration

black DSLR camera
Photo by Math

Since a mirrorless camera doesn’t consist of the bulky mirror and its mechanisms that are required to move the reflex mirror, they have fewer moving parts. So they are less prone to causing shake-inducing vibration as compared to DSLRs.

What do professionals prefer?

Both the cameras have their pros and cons. So choosing among both of them is your look after. Professionals use mirrorless cameras as well as DSLRs depending upon the type of photography. They also switch between both the cameras because they might shoot for two genres at a time.


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