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Fun & Creative photography idea at home with your phone


1. Photograph water droplets

waterdrop wallpaper
Photo by Herbert Goetsch

Waterdrop photography will need some specialized instrumentality – however the results area unit attractive, and you’ll be able to virtually pay years capturing different splash sorts, backgrounds, colors, and more.

To start, you’ll like a camera with a macro lens (or with important close-up capabilities). You’ll additionally like a stand (to keep your camera in position), Associate in Nursing off-camera flash (to light-weight the droplets), a dropper, and a bowl of water.

The idea is to position your camera next to the bowl of water. Switch your lens to manual focus, then prefocus on the center of the bowl (where the water can fall).

Hold the water pipette high, drop some droplets over the bowl, and as they close to the water surface, hearth your camera.

2. Shoot some food

two slices of sandwich on brown container
Photo by Asnim Ansari

Everyone likes to follow food photography, particularly once the food appearance is wonderful. The genre is big (and probably profitable if you’ll be able to sell your food photos as stock).

Style your food rigorously. the most effective skilled food photographers use food stylists, however, the remainder of people don’t have that luxury. Instead, you need to rigorously prepare your food in an exceedingly stunning composition

3. Lensball light-weight painting

person holding clear ball
Photo by Dan DeAlmeida

Lensballs provide a simple thanks to capturing attractive refraction shots – however, if you would like to require your lens ball photos to the consequent level, why not attempt lens ball light-weight painting, which might be done inside with some basic items?

You’ll like a dark area, thus either shooting at nighttime or in an exceedingly basement or lavatory with zero windows. You’ll additionally like a stand to carry your camera still, likewise as a table and a sheet of glass to carry the lens ball.

Place the sheet of glass on the table, then rigorously position the lens ball on the sheet of glass. (I prefer to use a keyring beneath the ball to forestall it from rolling, which I alter later.)

Set up your camera so that it’s centered on the lens all, put off the lights, and dial in an exceeding shutter speed of 5 or a lot of seconds.

Then, once you hit the shutter button, walk around the area with an electric lamp. celebrate drawing different patterns within the air (as you’ll be able to see within the pic below, zigzags area unit invariably fun!).

No got to be too rigid; the wilder the pattern, a lot of fascinating the result.

4. Freeze objects in ice

Photo by The Humble Garnish

If you’re stuck reception for some days, why not attempt some frozen object photography? It’ll get you distinctive photos a bit like this:

At now, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} add a lot of water and wait one more day – it depends on the thickness of the ice and also the look you’re when – otherwise you can take away the ice from the instrumentality and begin shooting.

I like to recommend lighting your subject from totally different directions (you may even experiment with backlight for a cool, ethereal effect).

5. Photograph glasses on a white background

Photo by Digital Photography Review

Wine glasses look wonderful once photographed right. Here’s a fast setup that’ll get you shots like this:
First, grab some wine glasses, then place them on a reflective surface (plexiglass is best, however you’ll be able to attempt a mirror or maybe a bit of glass).

Fill the glasses with a liquid of your alternative. Water and food product works great; as an alternative, you’ll be able to use wine or juice.

Set up your camera before the glasses, and place a bit of white book or a white sheet behind the scene. purpose Associate in Nursing off-camera flash at the white background, then hearth off a shot!

Nailing an ideal exposure might take a touch of trial and error, however, if you’ll be able to blow out the background while keeping the wine glasses well exposed, then the results can look wonderful.

6. Photograph oil and water bubbles

water droplets on glass panel
Photo by Sonika Agarwal

Oil and water, when mixed, create the foremost stunning bubbles:
However, does one capture such a beautiful effect? as luck would have it, it’s pretty simple, as long as you have got a macro lens and a stand.

Combine oil and water in an exceedingly clear instrumentality (a glass baking receptacle works well).

Elevate the instrumentality victimization cups or blocks of wood. Then position a noteworthy background at a lower place the setup, like colored paper or maybe a written pic.

Fix your camera higher than the mixture, then snap away! to make new bubble formations, stir the mixture with a spoon each thus usually (and if you’re not victimization Associate in Nursing off-camera flash, you’ll get to wait till the bubbles stop moving for a pointy shot).

7. Capture water droplets on Glass

black metal fence near building
Photo by Osman Rana

Here’s another fun inventive project you’ll be able to try: shooting water droplets on glass.
Like the oil-water plan mentioned higher than, you’ll get to elevate a glass sheet, then slip a noteworthy background beneath. to make water droplets, coat the glass with screen water repellent, then use a water pipette to make a pleasant pattern of droplets.
Position your camera higher than the glass, get close, and take lots of stunning images! each thus usually, switches out the background; in that manner, you get a range of beautiful shots.


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