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Fun & Easy way to take Neon Photos


Neon signs are available in all colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes them the best subjects for attention-getting photos.

But they’re at their brightest within the dark. so that they go along with terribly specific challenges.

To take the most effective doable photos of Ne signs, you wish to boost your nighttime photography skills and acquaint yourself with several camera settings.

Here are ten tips to boost your Ne sign photography.

1. Shoot from totally different Angles to form Exciting Photos

person kneeling inside building
Photo by Drew Dizzy Graham
  • There’s nothing wrong with photographing a Neon sign while standing before it.
  • Using identical angles all the time won’t challenge you and can build your photos look boring.
  • This doesn’t mean you have got to take a position in a drone or climb a building to require distinctive photos.
  • All you have got to try to do is walk around the sign and appearance for uncommon shooting perspectives.

2. If you would like Neon Signs to face Out, Take Photos at the hours of darkness

Woman Facing Sideways
Photo by Rodolfo Quirós

If you would like your Ne signs to face out, take photos of them within the dark. Complete darkness can emphasize textures that might not be visible on sunny days.

For example, within the picture higher than, the Ne sign emphasizes the textures of the raindrops and adds a nice pop of color to the glass.

3. Use Long Exposure to form Surreal Motion Blur

Photo by Burst

If you’re a disciple of saturated street photography photos just like the one higher than, you’ll love photographing Ne lights at the hours of darkness.

To create streaks of moving lightweight, you initially got to perceive how long exposure photography works.

First, you wish to search out a secure place from which you’ll be able to photograph a street.

4. Shoot RAW to stop Image information Loss

woman in black off-shoulder dress
Photo by Ari He

You’re most likely at home with the RAW vs JPEG perplexity by currently, however, it’s still price mentioning.

If you are taking RAW photos, you’ll be able to preserve a lot of image information. this can end in higher-quality photos.

RAW will build it easier for you to form all types of changes in your writing program.

This is vital in Ne lightweight photography owing to however spirited and different each Ne sign is.

5. Manually modify Your Camera’s White Balance to form becoming colors

Man Near Neon Sign
Photo by Sean Patrick

Neon signs are available a spread of surprising colors that may look too saturated in your photos.

If your white balance is slightly off, your photos can look unnatural, particularly if folks are concerned.

You can manually modify your camera’s color temperature to avoid this. several cameras have 2 white balance choices.

6. Avoid Busy Places If you would like to Experiment

Man In Black Jacket Beside Blue Neon Light Guitar
Photo by Garrett Morrow

One of the disadvantages of street photography is its endless activeness. Ne signs are sometimes found in active cities that ne’er sleep, which can build it troublesome for you to focus.

The solution? notice Ne signs in quieter places.

Even if it takes you longer to search out the alone Ne sign, all the free area and time can enable you to possess a sure-fire photoshoot.

7. Or Take It any by Exploitation Glasses

Photo by Antonio DiCaterina

When you photograph people that wear glasses, your main goal is to shoot from an associate angle that doesn’t replicate an excessive amount of lightweight.

After all, too several reflections will hide your subject’s eyes and build your portraits look uncomplimentary. the alternative is true for Ne signs photography.

Photographers like Brandon Woelfel have introduced a brand new trend: Neon lights mirrored in glasses.

8. Embody Models in Your Photos

Photograph of a Girl with Curly Hair Near Neon Signs
Photo by RODNAE

Neon lightweight portraits are ideal for portrait photography enthusiasts. Ne signs can encourage you to limit yourself to specific colors and forms of lightweight.

Since you’ll be operating with little or no lightweight, you’ll have to be compelled to return up with inventive ways to lightweight your portraits.

This can quickly improve your portrait and nighttime photography skills.


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