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Some of the best tips for Reflective photography


Reflections area units are implausibly lovely, and once you begin trying to find them, you’ll be stunned to get that they’re all around the U.S.A.. during this tutorial from Emil Pakarklis, creator of the iPhone Photography college.

You’ll discover everything you wish to understand regarding reflection photography so that you’ll be able to take beautiful reflection photos together with your smartphone.

1. Realize a Reflective Surface

Photo by S Migaj

The first step is straightforward – realize a reflective surface! Once you train your eye for it, you’ll understand that reflective surfaces are all around the U.S.A a number of the foremost lovely reflections area unit found on the surface of the water.

Any bodies of water as well as little puddles area unit excellent for reflection photography.

In addition to water, you’ll be able to realize nice reflections on any glass surfaces, shiny cars, a wet tarmac, on ice, or perhaps your spectacles.

2. Realize a Novel Subject

Photo by Pixabay

People area unit superb subjects for reflection photography, particularly if you mix reflections with silhouettes.

Of course, you may additionally use animals, buildings, or alternative inanimate subjects.

You’ll be able to use just about something because of the subject, as long as it stands out and creates a noteworthy image.

3. Combine Reality and Reflection

Photo by Francescoch.

When you begin taking reflection photos, it is tempting to concentrate on nothing but the reflection.

However, your reflection photos should show a healthy mixture of reflection and reality.

Your reflections don’t essentially have to be compelled to be vast. Even a comparatively tiny reflection is a noteworthy addition to your composition.

4. Eliminate Distractions


The best thanks to alter reflection photos are to get rid of any distractions from the frame so that solely the necessary elements of the image – particularly the topic and therefore the reflection.

There is one thing pure and charming regarding eliminating everything however your subject and its reflection from the frame. this is often a lot of simply done on the beach or next to massive bodies of water, therefore keep that in mind on your next trip to the beach.

5. Get near to the Surface

Photo by Cotton Bro

One of the most effective things that you just will do to create your reflection photos stand out – and one thing that always can’t be finished with a DSLR – is obtaining near to the reflective surface. several of the photos I take area unit has taken but an in. from the surface of the water.

This allows you to position your subject with nothing however the sky within the background, place stress on the reflection, and build a symmetrical image wherever the reflection extends towards the horizon.

6. Use Waves for Distortions

Photo by Gremlin

Your reflections oughtn’t to be an excellent sort of a mirror.

Reflections become such a lot fascinating once they area unit erratically distorted by waves.

If there aren’t any waves, then produce the waves yourself.

If putting your hands in a very puddle doesn’t sound sort of a smart plan, you’ll be able to additionally produce waves together with your feet or by throwing a little stone into the water.

7. Photograph Imperfect Surfaces

silhouette of woman on rock formation in seashore
Photo by jake Hailstone

While there’s a time and place for lovely mirror-like reflections, distortions and imperfections within the mirrored image will typically be even as fascinating. additionally, to waves, use uneven surfaces to feature a novel character in your photos.

These add a brand new dimension to the image so that it’s fascinating not solely within the background, but additionally within the foreground.

8. Emphasize Symmetry

woman in black shirt leaning on glass

Symmetry is one of the foremost powerful tools in reflection photography.

After all, most reflection photos show a point of symmetry, and you’ll be able to simply emphasize it to form a visually dramatic impact.

9. Take Long Exposure Photos

Photo by Jaime Reimer

When there’s a movement within the water however your reflection subjects don’t seem to be moving, you’ll be able to take superb long exposure photos.

For that, you just want a stand and an app referred to as Slow Shutter Cam, that you must set to Motion Blur mode.

From there you’ll be able to experiment with the opposite settings.

Long exposure photography permits you to form blurred and dreamy reflections as long as there’s some movement within the water.

10. Take many Photos

body of water under cloudy sky during sunsetTaking several photos is the one factor that may create a large distinction in your reflection photography.

I’m not talking regarding 5 or 10 photos – I’m talking regarding a whole lot. the yield of your want to manage the scene and take as several photos as you’ll be able to, often your subjects can align themselves excellent for that once-in-a-lifetime social occasion.


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