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How to be an Eco-Traveller


Exploring this magnificent world we often forget what we are losing, which is the beauty of nature because of excessive dumping caused by traveling. We are always keen to explore new places in this world but we seldom think about the planet and what we are leaving behind for generations to come.

photo by nishant pandey
Photo by: Nishant Pandey

In this blog, we will enlighten you on how you can explore every bound of this beautiful world while taking care of your surroundings. Embark on this journey to become an eco-traveler.

Mode of transportation

The inception of every tour is to decide the means of transportation, when determining how to embark on a journey we must keep the consequences of our choice in mind.

Instead of using harsh fuels which deplete the ozone layer, we should opt for vehicles run upon CNG and if such transportation is not feasible then we should opt for hybrid vehicles.

When you reach your desired destination then instead of using motorcycles or cars to transport you cannot for bicycles which is the best mode of transportation keeping our planet safe and also keeping you healthy.

Take care of the unexplored treasures of this planet

people gathering on beach during daytime
Photo by OCG Saving The Ocean

The curiosity of humans leads them to places that are unexplored on this land, due to which those places become public and when a herd of people reaches to explore that location it usually leads to deterioration of that place. These places do not have people to take care of, so we need to take care of them.

The right thing to do is to make sure we don’t leave our garbage at these spots, we should not announce this place to the public because some places need to be kept hidden to preserve their beauty.

Use of plastic and nonbiodegradable products

man swimming underwater
Photo by Cristian Palmer

When we are traveling we intend to take stock that is for one-time use and the packaging of those products builds up so much to the destruction of this environment.

We can avoid this by taking wise decisions and avoiding non-biodegradable packaging such as plastic bags which we dump that plastic at our convenience, instead what we can do is take jute bags which are sturdy and can be used more than once and if required can be decomposed as well.

Recycling what we can

Photo by Julio Lopez

Recycling is a concept very alien to many people. This calls for intervention upon everyone and draws them into this concept. Just like we make sure our home is clean and tidy, it is our moral duty to ensure that when we leave our home to travel and explore new places we must leave that place equally clean and tidy. Categorize your waste and recycle what you can. Practicing these small things can bring enormous changes.

Use organic and Be organic

women's brown and red leather tote bag on top of gravel
Photo by Click Images

Organic produce intends to make the environment better by keeping pollution in check, reducing water waste, and saving energy. Apart from the benefit to the planet, it is also a vital component in making our system better and staying fit. Using this fresh organic produce can also help the farmers and make your trip better.

Another thing to keep in mind while traveling is to keep a check on wood consumption, campers like to use a fireplace without realizing how much damage it does to the environment

Let us learn from these experiences and become eco-friendly travelers.


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