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How to choose a theme for photography?


1. Black and White

top view of snowy mountain
Photo by Chris Herath

Black and white photography (whether or not it’s film or digital) encompasses a distinctive beauty.

It’s one of the oldest and broadest photographic themes out there.

Highlighting kind and form, a black and white theme removes the distraction of color.

It reinforces the topic matter and therefore the photographic method. You could specialize in a specific subject or photograph a variety of various genres.

Either way, black and white photography unites a succession of photographic pictures. It ties them along during a visual narrative that emphasizes the building blocks of photographic observation.

A black and white finish off of a flower – photography themes

Black and white photography amplifies kind, adding a particular depth to a picture. image by Michael Assat Quintero on Unsplash

2. Colour

A Person Sitting on Wooden Planks Across the Lake Scenery
Photo by S Migaj

Through evolution and culture, color has developed sturdy ties with our emotions.

  • Red is connected with passion and love.
  • Blue is the color related to disappointment.

Colour photography speaks to our visual understanding of the planet.

By specializing in color as a subject, you’re appealing to our innate sense of the spectrum. A line of coloring pencils on a white background – photography themes.

3. Texture

blue and yellow plastic bottle
Photo by Sean Sinclair

Texture describes the touch ability of the surroundings we have a tendency to board. we will instinctively develop a way of however textural one thing is simply by staring at it.

Think of previous walls, stones, grass, textiles. Capturing texture cultivates Associate in Nursing exchange of knowledge that crosses the boundaries of verbal communication. A dirty rough pink wall – photography themes.

4. Aerial

man in black hooded jacket controlling black drone
Photo by NeONBRAND

Sometimes, to tease out inspiration, a replacement perspective is required. Aerial photography involves the utilization of an Associate in Nursing craft or drone. you wish to capture the planet from a bird’s eye read.

We pay most of our lives on the bottom, looking up. Aerial photography as a photographic theme provides a motivating approach to depiction the planet around the United States. An aerial image of trees during a forest – photography themes.

5. Line

It may not sound exciting, however, the chances of lines square measure endless once you begin to seem.

Curved, straight, colored, jagged, leading, broken. Lines behave in a multitude of ways, providing attention with a path to follow throughout the image.

Try capturing jerky lines to impress a vigorous reading or cool curves to denote a way of liquidness.

An overhead shot of someone’s feet standing over a yellow line on the road. We encounter lines on a routine, providing attention-grabbing photographic opportunities.

6. Nature

landscape photography of mountain hit by sun rays
Photo by David Marcu

If you’re feeling stuck during a rut, adopting a photographic theme primarily based around nature will be extremely helpful.

Not solely could be a nature walk smart for your psychological state, however, it will reveal charming photographic opportunities too.

A natural theme encompasses a good variety of materials and techniques.

This suggests there are many areas for creative thinking. Set a goal to travel for a come in nature for Associate in Nursing hour or 2 together with your camera and see what the plants have future.

7. Pattern

Defined by the repetition of components during a photograph, patterns will be found each in nature and artificial forms. Photographing patterns attracts attention to the fascinating similarities and juxtapositions that conjure our world.

Even a bunch of pictures supported discontinuous patterns cultivates a subject through the subversion of repetition. Keep an eye fixed out for iterative details (colors, shapes, specific subjects) that may tie a picture along.

It’s wonderful what quantity of our surroundings is ordered and disordered by pattern.

8. Macro

brown squirrel on green leafed tree
Photo by Külli Kittus

Macro photography centers around revealing the tangled fantastic thing about our surroundings.

Whether you’ve got a macro lens, a collection of extension tubes, or reversing rings, you’ll do macro photography.

Use it to explore the make-up of the natural and concrete surroundings.

Try limiting your macro theme to a particular subject. Use insects, flowers, or eyes to form a visible study of the unheeded or unseen.

9. Food

food photographyFood provides the United States with the energy to travel regarding our daily lives. It conjointly makes for tasty photography themes. Food will be photographed during a studio, reception, or out and regarding. This makes it a good photographic subject. You could even strive for flat lay photography. Document the ingredients going into your meal. Bon appetit!

10. Self Portraits

grayscale photo of woman covering face with her hands
Photo by Annie Spratt

As photographers, we have a tendency to take loads of photos of individuals, places, and things. however, we’ll rarely take the time to show the lens on ourselves.

Self-portraits square measure a good theme to adopt if you’re wanting to figure on your portraiture technique. You’ll be ready to apply sensible skills to a pronto offered model.


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