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How to pose perfectly as a Couple? Some Classy romantic poses


Photoshoots in different events are a must nowadays. From a festival like Diwali to events like weddings or reception, people love to capture some beautiful moments with the beloved ones of their life to keep as a keepsake.

In the olden days, people used to capture images in negative photographic films and that too was in black and white color.

This is because color photographic films were not invented at that time.

But the field and profession of photography have been developed to a greater extent since the invention of color photographic films and quality cameras.

With every newly launched camera, new and more innovative features come into existence for quality pictures and photography and comfort of the people.

A couple of photoshoots: some basic tips for beautiful pictures in the shoot Clicking pictures with other people and with the special one(bae) of our life are two different things.

We will never have any stress while shooting with others, but we’ll all want every picture with our bae to be a perfect and memorable one.

  1. Heading to clicking photos with our partner without much preparation is much equal to a stressful day of the shoot. Always ensure that you and your partner are relaxed on the shoot, this will enable you and your partner to chill around easily and pose for some adorable pictures.
  2. Relaxing will help you both steal some beautiful moments in between, ending up with some adorable endearing memories.
  3. But you should also spend some discussion time with your photographer, planning out the session beforehand.
  4. Plan for a versatile mix pose shoot(romantic, funny, serious, quirky, jolly, & aesthetic poses).

Some beautiful romantic poses for couples

Let’s mark some poses for the photoshoot with our partners.

1. Peck on his nose

Photo by Google Images

A pretty adorable pose is when he lifts you, give a small peck on his nose colliding your forehead to his.

2. Lap comfort

Photo by freepik

Another pose where you both can be relaxed. A small adorable conversation while she relaxes in your comforting lap.

3. Twinkling smiles

woman hugging man
Photo by Tim Mossholder

Pose with your bae in between tangled strings of led with warm smiles. The shine of these lights will add magic to your picture.

4. Beachside romance

silhouette of man and woman about to kiss
Photo by frank mckenna

Pose for some endearing moments in the beachside water with your partner.

5. A cute hug

couple on top of mountain facing sea
Photo by Chermiti Mohamed

Hug your bae while she is towards the camera making some loving expressions.

6. A minor kiss

These poses will be your endearing memories so pose romantically. Kiss your love with a scenic background.

7. Gazing with love

Lose yourself in each other’s eye, while he holds your hand. Feel the love at that particular moment and live the moment.

8. A comforting forehead kiss

man kissing woman's forehead
Photo by Nathan McBride

Hold her around your arms and comfort her with a sweet forehead kiss.

9. Curtain or drape play

Pose in between drapes or curtains with some cozy happy moments.

10. Easy and simple

woman on top of man in black shirt
Photo by Suzana Sousa

Simple is always classy. Pose with some easy and simple poses for the shot.


When you’re on your shoot, make the most out of it. Be comfortable with your partner and enjoy your day. Relaxation is necessary for a shoot with smiling faces and so do relax.


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