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How to get started with “Street Photography”


Are you also in love with Street Photography? Do you also love to capture streets in the dim light of the night sky as well as in the bright sunshine?

Is Street photography something every camera lover will never wanna miss?.. The answer is YES.

 Street photography is one such photography that doesn’t need you to be much experienced. Although experience matters in every field.

There are various kinds of photography. Not every photographer is equipped with each kind. They all have individual and distinct photography skills based on their choice of photography. Some of the common photography types are:

  1. Wedding photography
  2. Food photography
  3. Portrait photography
  4. Astrophotography
  5. Street photography
  6. Fashion photography
  7. Landscape photography
  8. Fine-art photography

One of the above common photography is “street photography”. Wanna learn more about Street photography? Let’s explore more about “street photography”.

Street photography

What do you mean by “Street photography”?.. Street photography means the capturing or photography of your subject or any object in a public place or streets often without their knowledge.

It was invented by Henri Cartier-Bresson during the 1930s. This can also be called candid photography as the pictures captured during street photography are generally real and unposed moments.

The publicness of the background helps the photographer to click more enhancing candid shots be it a stranger or any other object on street.

What can we capture as a part of street photography?

Street photography is all about capturing candid moments of the public with or without their knowledge and concern.

Capturing the expression of a subjects’ face and not the face itself to maintain the freedom of expression as an outlet of your images. We could even capture random incidents or actions of the public on the streets as a part of this photography.

Best startup tips and rules for Street photography.

  • Taking pictures of buskers
    • Capturing images of street musicians are one of the best street photographs.
  • Capturing from a distance
    • Try to shoot from a distance unless & until required for a perfect shot.
    • Capturing your subject with interesting environmental scenes from a distance gives an amazing picture as an output.
  • Try capturing the back of people.
    • Your subject doesn’t need to display his/her face for a perfect shot.
    • Even capturing from behind of walking people or standing still can give an amazing shot.
  • Capture the random objects on the street
    • The overview of objects such as post boxes, street lights, statues, etc creates the perfect setting for street photography.
  • Capture street animals
    • If you’re an animal lover, capture dogs or cats walking on the streets.
    • This also gives an aesthetic shot.
  • Capture silhouettes
    • At night, the street lamp effects create excellent silhouettes of streets and objects or people on street.
  • Contrasty light
    • Use contrasty lights on streets to capture amazing shots of different color hues.
    • Such as pops of color when the subject enters the light from the darkness.
    • Capture shots between the light and shadow contrast.
  • Show your gratitude
    • Also, Never hesitate or back out from thanking and showing your gratitude to people who agreed to be your photography subject be it a stranger.

What makes street photography best?

Do you think it is necessary to have a DSLR or any bigger range of cameras for this type of photography?… No.

You don’t need such things. You only need any modern camera may be a smaller one or any sort of mobile with a good focal length and focus.

You need concentration and focus for a perfect shot of street photography.

Nothing can beat your passion when it is accompanied by your skills and concentration.


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