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Shooting of before and after shots as a photographer


In this world of visual interpretations, people expect photographs of every product or service to assess its quality and effectiveness. As a professional photographer, the responsibility to bridge this gap between the businessman and the consumer is in your hands.

It becomes quite critical to play this part because you have to take care of both sides i.e. ensure that you are presenting photographs of the product or service in the best possible form for the business and ensure that in the process authenticity of the product or service is not lost for the consumers.

Where are before and after shots required?

Photo by PhotoEditing

Majorly in the industry of fashion and beauty, you will get this kind of project wherein you have to shoot a model before and after its transformation.

For instance, a makeup company or a fashion consultant company can ask you to take photographs of the before and after results that they provide.

This kind of photography is also used in the creative industry where you transform a product an upscale and this kind of photography is used in the fitness providing industry to show weight loss or weight gain. So these are the opportunities you will get as a photographer in this area of work.

Few Essentials for before and after Photography

man in brown jacket taking photo of mountain during daytime
Photo by Matt Roskovec

While taking before and after photographs few things which are absolutely essential to take care of are :

  • The position of the subject of the photograph should be the same in the before and after shots for accuracy.
  • The lighting used for photography must remain constant in the before and after shots otherwise, it can reflect an incorrect portrayal of the subject.
  • The quality of the photograph should not be tampered with. So it is better to use the same camera for before and after photographs.

Must ensure Authenticity

When you are promising the results that a company will provide to its consumers the most important thing which you have to keep in mind is to ensure that the results you are promising are authentic and not made up. As a photographer, you should always remain ethical and not support misleading promotions. You should also not tamper with the after photographs to enhance the results, this would mean that you are participating in cheating the consumers.

Can you make a business out of before and after photography?

If you ask that, can you make a business out of the before and after photography? Then the answer is a big YES. In the photography industry, the idea of before and after transformations is used widely. To put this into perspective, the photographers understand how a photo can be enhanced so they use filters, change many aspects of the photograph such as brightness, contrast, saturation, backlight, color, etc to enhance the photograph. You can make a business out of this by taking a customer’s normal photograph and enhancing it to a better one.

So these are the industries where before and after photography is used and how you can excel in this area of work while remaining ethical.


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