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Tips To Click Best Holi Photos


Holi is one of those festivals that brings out the artist in everybody.

Purpose your camera in any direction and there’s a 90% probability you’ll get a sensible image or a minimum of a vibrant one.

Smartphone cameras lately will do most that you just don’t want to carry an outsized DSLR or point-and-shoot to induce the sort of images you almost certainly saw on your friend’s Facebook page and have perpetually wished.

From moving picture videos to Portrait shots and Burst modes, their area unit endless choices to induce that excellent candid shot.

All you would like to understand area unit the proper tips and tricks.

Don’t forget the piece of writing tools that you’ll get to re-touch pictures to create them look a lot of appealing. From camera tricks to photo-editing tips, we’ve got you coated this Holi.

Portrait Mode:

Man Covered In Colored Powder

Portrait mode is a Gift on most smartphones with twin cameras or perhaps on ones that have one camera setup just like the Google pixel two.

Those that have already used Portrait mode grasp that it blurs the background, keeping the topic in sharp focus.

The front camera on iPhone X conjointly supports this mode.

The advantage with Apple iPhone X is it comes with Portrait Lighting in addition, which can allow you to add effects like Studio light-weight, Stage light-weight, Stage light-weight Mono, etc.

The phone is IP67-rated for water resistance, although you’ll have to be compelled to be additional careful and not drop the phone else the glass back may get broken unless you have got a durable case.

Slo-mo videos:

woman in yellow and red floral dress standing on stage
Photo by Varun Verma

Slow-motion videos area unit tons of fun on Holi, particularly once it involves shooting situations wherever somebody is splashing water or throwing colors at others.

These slow-motion videos also can be become GIFs, another good way to share on social media.

Burst mode:

Burst mode captures 10 photos per second, permitting you to decide on the most effective shot later.

The burst mode is out there on Apple iPhone eight, iPhone X, Google pixel two, Samsung Galaxy S8, and a lot of phones.

In keeping with the artist, Burst mode is nice once things happen extremely quickly and to induce shots of colors frozen in the air.

Change perspective:

people gathering on a concert
Photo by John Thomas

The artist recommends appearing on the far side the attention level and faces.

Shooting with smartphones permits you to click simply in spots like reflections on puddles of water, which might somewhat be troublesome with DSLRs.

Low light-weight:

Photo by JADE ThaiCatwalk

Shooting in low light is hard, particularly with smartphones as only a few allow you to click noise-free sharp pictures in dim light-weight.

This is often wherever optical image stabilization comes into play.

Apple iPhone X has the agency for each lens on its twin rear camera setup, and therefore the same goes for Galaxy Note eight.

Google Pixel two has received rave reviews for its photography and is arguably one of the most effective golem cameras around.

Agency reduces the probabilities of image blurring.

Never zoom:

Photo by 8084625

Although smartphone cameras lately supply high zooming capabilities, the artist suggests not victimization the feature.

Joshi explains that almost all phone cameras go with digital zoom, which deteriorates the standard of photos considerably.

Keep the lens clean: One necessary thumb rule to stay in mind is to scrub the lens each currently then, and a lot of often on Holi.

It’s in all probability all that water and color that’s providing you with blurred shots.

Candid photos:

woman in pink tank top with yellow powder on her face
Photo by Varun Verma

Holi isn’t close to capturing faces, however conjointly emotions and interactions between 2 folks.

You’ll be able to shoot details just like the arrangement of powder, food, and different decorations, says Parmar.


Group of men with faces and body covered with coloured powder
Photo by Omkar Pandhare

The timer could be a convenient choice once it involves cluster photos. you’ll be able to choose between a 3 or 10-second timer.


Photo by murtaza_ali

The Auto-enhance choice is often found within the gallery’s native piece of writing choice, serving to you add the specified bit to images.

Click on the wand on the higher right corner within the ‘Edit’ tab to quickly enhance photos before sharing on social media.

It mechanically improves exposure, contrast, saturation, etc in pictures.


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