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Tip and Tricks that’s make it easy for a baby’s cake photography


A child holds the life of its parents in its tiny soul, so, naturally, the parents want to celebrate every milestone of its life lavishly.

baby in red and black shorts sitting on bed
Photo by Chip Vincent

A new trend which is going on in the world is to celebrate a baby’s birthday with a cake smash i.e. keeping a cake in front of the baby to see how it engages with it and all of this forms an adorable atmosphere.

The photographer plays a very important role in this as it is their responsibility to capture this adorable moment for the parents which they will cherish forever.

In this blog, we will give you a few hacks which will help you in taking the perfect photograph for this event.

#1 Use Silent and Continuous Shutter

boy holding cupcake blowing the candle
Photo by Thanh Tran

Babies don’t act on command, they are completely candid and natural so it takes a lot to get a perfect photograph.

By using a silent and continuous shutter you will be able to capture these cute movements of the baby, because of the silent shutter, the baby will not be distracted and the continuous shutter will ensure that you don’t miss any moments.

#2 Keep the favorite toy near

girl in white dress sitting on bed
Photo by Vikram Nath Chouhan

It might be possible that you are meeting this baby for the first time so it can be scared of you.

In this case, it will be very difficult to get a happy picture of the baby, to curtail this issue you can start by spending some time with the baby beforehand so it gets used to keeping you around and you should keep its favorite toy nearby to bring a smile on its face whenever you need a smiling photograph.

#3 Capture a few clean shots as well

baby in red and white tank top sitting on white textileBefore the start of the cake, smash make sure you click a few clean shots of the baby as well.

As it might be possible that after the cake smash begins things go out of hand and it all becomes messy.

It is always good to click family pictures and portrait pictures of the baby beforehand to sum up those beautiful moments.

#4 Catch all Angles of the cake smash

kid sitting beside round cake close-up photographyThis is the time when you can explore your creativity and show your photography skills.

You can take photographs of the baby from all the angles possible and introduce some props, use the features of the camera to add something extra to the photograph that other photographers might not be able to add.

This will distinguish you from others and show how you are a perfect fit for the job.

#5 Let the baby be in its own space

black cupcake
Photo by freestocks

Sometimes the best photographs come from the natural moments only.

In the case of a baby, this saying fits perfectly because at this age you should let them be and do their own thing.

If you try to calm and tame the baby or try to make it act in a certain way it will take away the natural happiness from the photo and make it artificial which you don’t want.

Use these hacks to make a memorable shoot for the parents.


Writer CreditKhushi Chakravorty
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