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Top tips for achieving a great Bokeh effect in your photographs


Photography is a lot more than an interesting profession with different genres depending upon the person’s interest. (who pursue photography). This particular profession or field attracts a large number of the youth population in today’s modern era.

Photography is not only interesting but also unique from another profession. It helps us explore the beauty of nature, the surrounding, the livings and nonliving around us. We could also define the beauty and essence of the subject after photography.

This is the power of photography. On the one hand, it helps in capturing the beauty of the world around us, and on the other side, it also helps us define them further.

Bokeh effect in Photography:

Photo by Val Idjao

The effect in which the areas which are out of focus in an image are blurred now as the Bokeh effect.

This effect seems like soft blurry circular lights. This effect depends on the lens. The size and type of lens determine this bokeh effect in a photograph.

And, it could be different in two images if the two pictures are captured using a different aperture size each.

Some amazing tips to create great Bokeh effects in pictures, We always need a perfect lens and aperture setting for a great Bokeh effect. So, let us discuss some of the best tips for a great Bokeh effect in Photography.

1. Using the Best aperture

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Using the best aperture is one of the best tricks for achieving a great Bokeh effect in Photography. Usually, lenses with fast apertures such as f/1.4 or f/2areerereeideal for a perfect bokeh effect.

2. Best lens for Bokeh

Photo by Zohaib Khan

The best lens is one and the only key factor that determines the bokeh effect especially the shape of Bokeh light circles.

It says, if the lens has 7 blades in the diaphragm then the shape of Bokeh is heptagonal shaped while a lens with 9 blades in the diaphragm forms a circular Bokeh effect.

Shoot with wide-open lenses.

3. Two basic tricks to achieve a great Bokeh effect

Selective Focus Photography of Woman
Photo by Garon Piceli

The very first way to achieve a perfect bokeh is creating possible distance between the subject and backdrop with an aperture of about f/8(assume).

The second way is by decrementing the camera-subject distance.

4. Camera settings

Photo by Zana Latif

Make sure you use the manual mode or AP mode. Because both the modes have flexible aperture and shutter settings.

5. Light category

Photo by Tairon Fernandez

Using backlight or sidelight is perfect for achieving an enormous bokeh effect in Photography.


Always remember to use wide-open lenses for the perfect bokeh effect in pictures. Ig needed never hesitate to move closer to your subject.

Note: Taking close-up shots in portrait style or macro photography could be amazing for Bokeh effects.


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