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7 beautiful locations for capturing heartwarming sunset shots

Do you love watching sunsets?.. This is a universal fact that sunset is loved by everyone. And in my point of view, it is delightful for every photographer to capture this very fleeting moment.


I’m not a photographer but sunset is not just a moment it’s an emotion. People are so connected with the sunset that they come and sit for the sunset view to giggle up their mood swings.

Photographers not only love to capture that bright contrary sunset but also live that beautiful moment.

Nothing in this world is as beautiful and soothing as a bright sunset.

A perfect sunrise makes your day, but a perfect sunset delights your mood till the last hours of the night.

The different hues of the sunset, (i.e orange, magenta, red, dark yellow, light shady yellow, and a shade of blue from the disappearing blue sky) individually split the beauty of nature in colorful hues.

Every different location in this world has a different sunset story to tell. The cloudy texture of different places with different hues complements the beauty of the sunset.

Let’s have a look at some of the beautiful locations for a perfect sunset.

7 locations that let you capture the most heartwarming sunsets

There are so many locations where we can capture picture-perfect heartwarming sunset shots. And each shot has its magnificence and versatility. Wherever the locations may be, it is worth seeing the last glimmering rays of the sun. Let’s see 7 locations out of the dig.

1. Taj Mahal, Agra

white and brown dome building
Photo by Syed Fahad

Considered as one of the seven wonders of the world, it was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife in her memory as a sign of love.

It transforms into one of the best sunsets in the world when the last rays of the sun fall brightly around the monument.

As the sunset goes across the Yamuna river it appears slightly pink and orange, and you get golden opportunities to capture magnificent shots of this sunset.

2. Dubai Creek, Dubai; UAE

Photo by Tabreez

The sunset of Deira Creek in Dubai is a local favorite and hot tourist visit interest.

Since it’s a tourist spot, several people love to take rides across the creek to enjoy every single sunset moment.

The golden rays gleam of the sunset over the surrounding buildings and across the water can help you click perfect shots of the sunset.

3. Florida Keys, USA

palm trees
Photo by Mark Male

The sunset view of the Florida Keys located off the southern coast of Florida is a paradise. From any corner of the coast, you can peacefully enjoy the beautiful set here. The shows a beautiful spectrum of the sunset from pink and red to deep orange and shady purple.

4. Cairo, Egypt

two pyramid during golden hour
Photo by Marylou Fortier

The authentic Arabian sunset across Cairo, Egypt is a stunning view. There are numerous spots in the city itself from the city to the desert area for the sunset shots.

One popular among them is the great Giza with the backdrop of the sunset spectrum. Another is from the top of any tall buildings of the city. It gives elegant sunset shots of the gleaming sky.

5. The Atacama desert

Photo by sebadelval

The sun sinking into the bone dry land and sandy desert with red-golden shimmering rays look extraordinary. The shots of this view will be as fiery as the sinking sun.

6. Zanzibar, Tanzania

silhouette of sailboat
Photo by Humphrey Muleba

It is a beautiful island and an ideal location for a perfect safari trip located off the coast of Tanzania. With several beaches, this location has perfect sunset spots to go for.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Sunset over Sea
Photo by Diego Paulin

Bali is known for its special sunsets. Jimbaran Beach of Bali is one of the best locations to sit and watch the sun slipping beneath the waves.


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