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Awesome camera feature that is built-in iPhone


The built-in iPhone camera app is loaded with awesome camera features that will carry your photography higher than the conventional, everyday reasonably photography most people turn out.

During this tutorial, you’ll find out about every of the iPhone camera effects therefore you’ll be able to use them to boost your iPhone photography.

1. Use 2x photo Zoom to urge nearer To Your Subject

person holding black iphone 4
Photo by Bhumil Chheda

Do you have the iPhone seven, iPhone eight, or iPhone X camera? perhaps you’ve got the newer iPhone XS camera or iPhone XS easy lay camera.

Or maybe you’re designing on obtaining the latest iPhone eleven professional or professional easy lay.

If you’ve got any one of those iPhone models, you’ll be able to fancy the good thing about optical zoom.

That’s as a result of these devices having either 2 or 3 rear-facing cameras. one of all these cameras incorporates a zoom lens with 2x optical zoom.

With optical zoom, you’ll be able to bring your subject doubly as shut while not losing any image quality.

2. Light the Scene Exploitation Flash

How to Control the Brightness of the Flashlight in iOS 10
Photo by Ali Hassan Mahdi

Your iPhone camera’s flash is maybe not the foremost exciting of iPhone camera effects, however, it undoubtedly has its place.

If you wish to feature some lightweight to your image, search for the limited lightning bolt icon once you’re within the Camera app. you’ve got the selection to show your Flash to the automotive vehicle, On, or Off.

3. Produce Long Exposures (And More) With Live image iPhone Camera Effects

person taking photo of Golden Gate Bridge, California
Photo by Edgar Chaparro

You can get extremely artistic and have loads of fun with one of the foremost powerful iPhone camera effects – Live Photo mode.

It’s on the market to those with Associate in Nursing iPhone 6s or later. this selection permits you to record the one.5 seconds before and when you’re taking a picture.

So what will that mean for your photos? By having this feature activated, you’ll be able to see your still pictures come back to life with motion and sound. In essence, you’ve got access to a three-second video, yet as a still image.

4. Attempt a Filter to vary The Mood

woman wearing multicolored floral boat-neck top standing in yellow leaf plant
Photo by Manoj kumar kasirajan

iPhone filters are the foremost normally used of the iPhone camera effects. There are a variety of filters designed for your iPhone camera. you’ll be able to create refined changes to your image before you even take the image.

5. Use HDR To Balance Your Exposure

person holding stack of stones
Photo by Leonardo Iheme

HDR (high-dynamic range) blends the simplest elements of 3 separate exposures into one image.

So if you wish to mechanically give an additional balanced exposure once you’re taking an image in a very high-contrast scene, activate the automotive vehicle HDR feature on your iPhone.

6. Condense an extended Event With Time Lapse

time lapse photography of vehicle passing on concrete road surround high-rise buildings during night time
Photo by Nicolai Berntsen

Have you ever wished to form a video of a sunrise or sunset? Like, the total issue — from darkness to sunlight or crepuscule to dark?

This can be where iPhone Time Lapse mode can be available handy. And it’s one in all the additional fun iPhone camera effects.

7. Use Slo-Mo to focus on Movement

speeding formula-1 race car on race track during day
Photo by Tim Carey

When you wish to stress movement and extremely show the small print behind some motion, the Slo-Mo feature is what you wish.

To begin recording, open the Camera app and swipe to Slo-Mo.

8. Produce Lovely, Skilled Portraits

person holding Android smartphone
Photo by John Fornander

If you’ve got an iPhone seven and, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS easy lay, or XR, you’ll be able to use iPhone Portrait Mode to capture lovely portraits with a blurred background.

9. Capture the total Scene With Pano

green trees on mountain under blue sky during daytime
Photo by Abraham R

The iPhone camera is already an optical lens advisedly. however, once it simply isn’t wide enough to capture everything you wish from left to right, try Pano Mode to embody it all.


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