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What’s the difference between headshot photography and personal brand photography


A common fault for purchasers wanting to rent an expert creative person for promotional self-portraits is the word “headshots” and “personal branding” photography.

Whereas it isn’t the tip of the globe, at Focal we’ve seen additional typically than not that a client comes in inquiring for headshots after they are wanting personal disapproval photos and the other way around.

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The goal of this post is to clarify the distinction between a headshot and a private disapproval photography session to assist you to decide on the proper word once conveyancing what you wish to a creative person.

We’ll additionally cowl some helpful tips to assist you to decide on an honest headshot or personal disapproval creative person for your desires.

What’s the distinction between headshots and private disapproval photos?

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The clearest distinction between headshots and private disapproval exposures is the quantity of the topic shown within the photo.

Like within the name, a headshot is taken into account a photograph of a person’s head and shoulders.

Whereas this sounds obvious, it’s quite common that a creative person contains a consumer rent them inquiring for “headshots” solely to seek out throughout the photoshoot that they were searching for ¾ length or full-length body shots.

The second crucial distinction between a headshot and a private disapproval exposure is the formality of the topic.

With a headshot, the topic is typically wanting directly at the camera in a very fairly formal commonplace create.

Photo by Mike van Schoonderwalt

With personal disapproval photos, the topic will be viewing the camera, or away, or maybe interacting with props. additionally, personal disapproval tends to use poses that area unit far more natural and casual.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Lastly, headshots area units are usually shot against an obvious white, gray, or black background in-studio to accent the topic instead of the atmosphere.

In distinction, personal disapproval shoots tend to position additional importance on the atmosphere – so, requiring on-location shoots rather than in-studio.

The main distinction between business headshots and private disapproval photography is the time and result.

Headshot exposure shoots area unit usually additional simple and loads faster than a private disapproval session or maybe a portrait exposure shoot.

With headshots, you’ll solely like one background or location and solely the highest half yourself are going to be captured. therefore usually, only 1 smart shirt or shirt is needed.

With a business headshot package, you’ll typically find yourself with a smaller quantity of pictures. One or 2 main shots that represent you as distinctive and as natural as attainable.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Business headshots area unit nice for business house owners United Nations agency would like one smart image to use as their profile image on Social Media Channels or their concerning page on their web site.

They’re additionally nice for company or company profiles and to be used on company team pages or in prospectuses that are given to purchasers.

One impactful headshot will typically be enough to assist purchasers or customers place a face to a reputation. They convey the primary glimpse of the person within the shot and might provide the viewer a touch on the person’s temperament.

So, usually speaking, business headshots area unit additional of a targeted and simple photoshoot for those that area unit searching for one or 2 impactful pictures to use inside a business or company setting.

What area unit do you victimization your headshot or personal disapproval photos for?
Generally, the goal of a headshot session is to capture one or 2 excellent shots for the utilization on social media profiles or the “about” section of an internet site.

Headshots work dead for these mediums as a result of the exposure crop pairs well with tiny fingernail pictures.

Photo of a Woman Holding Shopping Bags
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Longer full-body personal disapproval shots tend to urge submerged get into tiny thumbnails however will work well within the concerning section of an internet site.

Personal disapproval sessions tend to require loads longer and area unit many concerned however they manufacture more photos, generally with multiple locations, wardrobes, and backgrounds which might help have a various array of content.

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Photo by Godisable Jacob

If your business is in a coaching job, mentoring, consulting, or assets and extremely depends on your completion, you must take into account a private disapproval session over simply a headshot.

That means you’ll have a large array of photos to use on things like banner pictures on websites, advertising, business cards, etc.

Nothing is worse than seeing a similar precise exposure on each page of their website and social media profile. Plus, most photographers can embody an additional ancient headshot inside their disapproval session.


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