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Effective method to take Better Behind The Scenes Photographs


A true photographer is not someone who can create a memory but someone who can capture the memory. This brings us to our new blog wherein you will learn the tips and tricks to becoming a better photographer.

Capturing behind the scenes of an event is portraying the essence of people present in the room and the aura of the event. So you have to be very careful because your photograph shows the world their story.

Make sure to capture the candid moments

woman in red cardigan wearing black framed eyeglasses
Photo by Shahzin Shajid

While capturing the behind-the-scenes shoot it is very important to capture the candid moments where the subject of the photo is unaware that they are being photographed because that shows how people behind the scenes are and how they behave.

It portrays their bond in a freeze-frame and shows how do they spend time. What you see on screens might be scripted or created for your entertainment but what is behind the scenes will show you how the people are in reality.

You can work without a prime lens

person in yellow knit cap and white long sleeve shirt holding black video camera
Photo by Harry Truong

Whenever you are on a photoshoot you work with the best camera lens, the best lighting, absolute perfection because you are putting in your effort and creating something for the world to see, enjoy and appreciate but when you are capturing behind the scenes moments it has to be filterless and natural. The goal is to show raw personalities and scenarios of the people working, nothing can be fictional there.

Use silent and continuous shutters

man in white t-shirt holding black video camera

In these kinds of shots where you have to capture behind-the-scenes moments, you have to become like a fly on the wall, like absolutely invisible to the surroundings but also omnipresent for capturing everything.

Sometimes people get conscious of the camera so they behave in a certain way, it is your task to ensure that you capture the real essence of a person.

For that, you can use the silent and continuous shutter to not be noticed and to not miss even a single moment.

Understand your surroundings

silhouette of people holding umbrella
Photo by Gordon Cowie

It is a blessing to work with a group of new people and be the one to tell their stories. Hence it is extremely important to understand the surroundings you are working in because when you can understand the aura of your environment it will just reflect in your photographs.

Becoming a part of that crew is important to be able to truly present what is going on behind the scenes.

Ensure that everyone is captured

man in white polo shirt standing in front of black video cameraWhen you are part of a crew you can never leave anyone behind. The most important aspect of capturing behind the scene moments is to show the bond of the group of people who are working together to create something beautiful.

In this process, each member of the group is equally important and everyone should be present in the behind-the-scenes photographs.


You are given a chance to tell a story by capturing moments. Use your creativity to make it memorable for the people you are capturing. From this blog, you can get a head start for becoming an excellent photographer.


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