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How to capture amazing Silhouette pictures?


Do you also prefer capturing or clicking silhouette pictures over normal selfies, portraits, or other photography types?

Are you known to Silhouette pictures or photography?… If not, let’s first understand what is Silhouette photography? What is its outcome?.. How different it is from other categories of photography?.. How much help it is and can you click perfect Silhouette pictures?

There are different kinds of photography such as portrait photography, silhouette photography, wedding photography, etc.

silhouette of man using camera near balustrade during sunset
Photo by Andrik Langfield

Silhouette photography is a type of photo that helps in capturing darker and solid pictures or images of the subject contrarily to a brighter background or surroundings.

The first-ever silhouettes were originally captured in the 1850s in the city of France.

Let me bring it to your knowledge that the Silhouettes were originally brought up as a cheaper option for portrait painting.

These types of pictures represent the solid dark image of the subject and its outline in contrast to a darker and brighter background be it a natural background such as sunset or a studio backdrop.

Some amazing tips for a perfect ‘Silhouette photography ‘

Try these tips for amazing “Silhouettes”.

Light source:

person standing on rock platform
Photo by Aziz Acharki

Place the subject in front of the light means the light source should be opposite of the subject.

Click pictures against the light source.

If the source of light is behind the subject, the subject appears in a darker shade in contrast to the brighter background. And so the image you capture automatically turns into a silhouette.

Choose a unique subject.

Photo by Olesya Yemets

If you choose an interesting and unique subject (such as any human being, a bird or an animal, or any manmade structures or natural surroundings such as mountains or trees), your silhouette will make others curious about what the subject looks like or what is the structure or which animal or bird it is.

The more curious people are, the more famous your silhouette will be.

A unique subject also enhances the beauty of the image.

Manual exposure:

silhouette of people walking body of water
Photo by Simon Shim

Set manual exposure of your subject occupies a larger space of the photo because exposure is set for larger parts of the photo so that the silhouette appears in dark but if the subject itself occupies a larger part then set the exposure manually.

Outline and overlapping of the subject:

man in black jacket standing on brown sand during night time
Photo by Jasper Garratt

Try not to click overlapping images if there are two subjects in one silhouette. Overlapping of the image might not give a better look to your silhouette.

Always focus on the outlines of the subject because it makes a huge difference, between the images as expressions don’t matter while capturing

Notice and focus on some minor things such as the position of the subject.

If shooting on a sunny day, hide the sun behind the subject. This creates an enhancing darker silhouette.

Lower angles

man standing on stairs
Photo by Jad Limcaco

Click pictures of the subject from a lower angle it improves the background and position of the subject in a better way.

In simple words, Silhouette photography is all about setting the lighting of the background and surrounding the correct way in contrast to the subject.

Moreover, silhouette photography is an easy and quick way of conveying any emotion or drama or any mood through the picture.

Try the above tips for silhouette photography and be a master of silhouettes.


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