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How to prepare for different types of Sports Photography


Sports is something that majority of people in this world follow and enjoy, it is a recreation to perform and also watch. To document this world wide obsession you need to prepare properly as this is a skilful task which requires dedication, study and practice. In this blog we would give you tips on how to prepare for different types of sports photography.

Choice of Camera

Sports Photography
Photo by Tim Mossholder

Sports is live and dynamic, you don’t get retakes or second chances if you miss a moment then its gone. So you need to choose a camera which captures moments in blink of an eye.

The athletes do not function like models, they don’t give you shots you need to take them candidly. The first and foremost thing is to understand the sport so you know the highlight moments which shouldn’t be missed. DSLR cameras are very common between professional photographers.

Modes of specification

How to prepare for different types of Sports Photography
Photo by Nathanaël Desmeules

Your camera needs fast shutter speed and burst mode to capture the fast moving actions and objects. A slow shutter speed will result into blur pictures or bad quality images. Burst mode is a function which gives you continuous shots so that you don’t miss out on the time sensitive moments. Another specification you can go for is the mirrorless camera, these cameras have electronic shutter which results into silent and fast speed shots both of the qualities can help a sports photographer.

Lens feature

Photo by Zohaib Khan

The lens you choose is a vital decision for not missing out on details, many sport professional photographers opt for telephoto, zoom and prime lenses which carry the magnification abilities which is very necessary because in sports the photographer cannot be as close to object as they usually are, they need to take shots from outside the ground or arena.

Stability Equipment

Photo by Olhar Angolano

When you are planning to shoot a sports event it can go on for many hours, it is physically inconvenient to hold a camera for so long, this can hamper the quality. To get some ease and stability the photographers use tripods which can focus on object for hours and help you take the perfect picture.

Pay attention to weather

Sports Photography
Photo by Maxim Hopman

A sporting event can be anywhere, indoors or outdoors. For an outdoor event you will need to pay attention to weather conditions and prepare accordingly. Prepare for rain shelter, heat coolants, wind cheaters and heaters for cold weather.

Touch-ups after photoshoot

Photo by Nick Night

It is essential to stay true to the sport when editing the final print. You can add your flair to it a little but try not to get too carried away, the sport must look authentic, essential elements of the photo should remain same. What you can do is highlight the points of the photo which will enhance the sport.

The world is only going to get more excited and engrossed in sports, thus there will always be need for sports photographers. You can make this your niche with the right study and practice. There is option to select a specific sport and become professional photographer for that sport only. We have mentioned few generic tips which are absolutely essential for all kinds of sports photography.


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