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Top-Budget friendly travel destinations around the World

There are countless locations in this world to explore, possibilities are endless but the problem is budget constrain. In reality there are many places around this world where you can travel having a minimal budget and maximum exposure.


In this blog we will suggest you 5 such places from around the world where you can travel on a budget.

1. India

white and brown concrete building near body of water during daytime
Photo by Renzo D’souza

Perhaps the most vibrant and beautiful country you can visit is India. Not only are there numerous options to explore, but the cost to travel and maintain a living is also budget-friendly.

It is a bit difficult to find budget-friendly stay in the northern part of India, but if you visit the south you will have stay under budget with breathtaking views. The meals, accommodation, transportation here can add up to be as low as Rs.1500 / day.

2. Malaysia

Petronas Tower
Photo by Vlad Shapochnikov

In the vicinity of Southern East Asian countries Malaysia is one of the most economical country, though it seems a bit expensive if you plan well there are lot of opportunities to save money.

Further it is a country which is fun to visit, the locals are hospitable, jungles are worth exploring and islands are gorgeous. There is also the possibility of exploring Malaysian cuisine and culture.

The meals, accommodation, and transportation here can add up to be as low as Rs.2500 / day.

3. Indonesia

green and brown island under blue sky during daytime
Photo by Danny de Groot

This is a tricky one because a trip to Indonesia can either be really cheap or really expensive it all depends on how you plan to travel as there are many islands and people come to visit all of them which requires hiring private boats that increases the cost significantly but if you plan to stick to one or two Islands then you save huge travelling cost.

Also, it is not like you can’t travel back to visit other regions again. The good thing is that the food, stay and local travel is not costly at all throughout the country. The meals, accommodation, transportation here can add up to be as low as Rs.2500 / day.

4. Croatia

Amazing waterfall flowing through rocky cliff with green trees on sunny day
Photo by Igor Dudkovskiy

If you consider yourself as a water baby then Croatia is unbeatable, amidst the thousands of Islands and clear blue waters there is no better place to party than Croatia.

All the essential expenses in Croatia are pretty reasonable and there is much to do at this place apart from the beaches you can explore the beautiful architecture, museums, etc. The meals, accommodation, transportation here can add up to be as low as Rs.3000 / day.

5. Mexico

beige cathedral scenery
Photo by Matthias Mullie

A country which is filled with rich culture, magnificent nature, exciting adventures and some of the best foods in the world, who would not want to go to search place ? And bonus, it is cheaper than you think.

Especially because it is such a large country, there are many options to find cheaper location. You can explore the authentic Mexico City on a budget if you are a minimalist. The meals, accommodation, transportation here can add up to be as low as Rs.3000 / day.

Another tip for saving some money is to plan the trip and book your tickets and hotels yourself, this will remove the unnecessary cost of agent in between.

The suggested list is made considering all the essential expenses required to enjoy the trip, but if you want to explore more adventure you may need to rethink the budget.


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