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How to take the perfect Interior Photo


First of all, in photography, there aren’t any rules, simple tips that you simply will follow till you discover your vogue. I like bright and ethereal shots; others like dark and moody. however, once you use my tips, you may have a decent beginning in interior photography:

1. Use natural lightweight whenever possible!

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

So flip all the lights off. I repeat OFF! lightweight bulbs cause terrible shadows and color casts.

As groups of people, we tend to area unit terribly capable of decoding the yellow color solid of incandescent bulbs or the boring inexperienced of fluorescent lightweights as white light, however, the camera has no brain to grasp colors as we are able to.

The opposite day a shopper was puzzled why I didn’t need her to change on the sunshine. it had been a dark period (hello fall!), therefore I showed her each photo on the rear of my camera. She was simply convinced to stay the lights off:

2. Use a rack

Photo by Liza Summer

The light conditions area unit is seldom ok to shoot hand-held inside.

Therefore a rack could be a must! I opt to keep my aperture between F/9 Associate in Nursingd F/11 and my ISO as low as attainable (100 yes!) to form an overall sharp image. And together with your camera mounted on a rack, the shutter speed isn’t any longer a problem.

Invest in an exceedingly durable one with bubble levels, and it’ll last you a period of time. You’ll notice an outline of the gear I take advantage of and suggest on this page.

3. Keep your lines straight

Photo by Dayvison de Oliveira Silva

Keep your verticals vertical and, once shooting a one-point perspective, your horizontals horizontal too!

Our brain is capable of realizing that doors area unit vertical though we tend to see them from Associate in Nursing angular read, however, the camera isn’t.

Employing a rack and a rack head with bubble levels makes it easier to stay the lines straight!

4. Keep Inline

Photo by Vecislavas Popa

When you do a series of photos in one single interior, shoot them from a similar height. It creates an additional balanced summary of the area, and that’s a great deal easier on the attention-looking photos.

Otherwise, the viewer can want he or she is hopping up and down through the space once gazing at the images. I opt to hold my camera at chest height, between the ceiling and therefore the floor. That way, you may look over the table and countertops.

5. Overcast days area unit the simplest

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

When I am shooting property, I opt to work on a sunny day, however, that’s only for the out of doors shots! Each house in the appearance of its surroundings higher once the sun is shining, and therefore the sky is blue.

However, the daylight creates an awfully sharp distinction between lights and darks inside particularly once it’s shining straight through the windows.

Therefore after I am shooting interiors, I like Associate in Nursing overcast day. The clouds operate as an oversized softbox making pretty soft shadows.

6. Stage, stage, stage!

The best interior photos area unit rigorously titled. 1st of all, get out all the litter like cords, cables, mail, etc. Basically, something that’s not meant for adornment functions.

Don’t be afraid to get rid of or reposition accessories and articles of furniture to form a much better composition.

Betting on the goal, you’ll be able to perpetually take away things like lightweight switches and retailers in Photoshop too unless you’re shooting real estate: so you wish to stay things real!


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