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Tips for Gorgeous Winter Landscape Photography


Winter landscape photography can be a lot of fun, and it doesn’t have to be difficult if you know the right techniques!

In this article, I will share Gorgeous winter landscape strategies with you so that you may begin photographing beautiful snowy landscapes.

Winter Landscape Photography Equipment:

Photo by Alex Andrews

Winter landscapes require the same equipment as summer ones. Your camera, a wide-angle lens, and a tripod for lengthy exposures.

However, there are a few winter gear suggestions. Dress in warm layers and include the following items in your bag:

Gloves – The ideal photography gloves for photographing winter landscapes should enable you easy access to all of the buttons and dials on your camera. Working with your camera while wearing mittens is nearly difficult. My preferred choice is to wear fingerless gloves with a mitten cover.

An additional battery – Lithium-ion batteries suffer greatly in cold weather. I usually have an extra battery on hand. I’ve only ever used it when the temperature dipped below 20°F (-7°C). Also, keep one extra in your pocket! It also keeps the cold from exhausting your backup.

A little towel – If it is snowing, your camera will become wet. Bring a dry cloth with you to clean the front of the lens.

The Procedure for Photographing Winter Landscapes

Warm-up and Editing

Photo by Caio

Once you’re done shooting, make sure to dry off your camera before storing it. Tucking a camera or lens that has dampness on it back into your bag might cause harm to your equipment.

Unfreeze your fingertips with a hot chocolate or mug of tea. It’s time to utilize your preferred editing software to fine-tune your images.

You may use software to fine-tune that challenging exposure and white balance. So far, this post has shown you how to take the necessary steps when shooting in order to obtain the shot as near as feasible.

Winter landscapes might benefit from a contrast enhancement as well. Instead of enhancing the contrast, brighten the highlights and whites. After that, deepen the shadows and darks. This will increase the number of to your photograph

Glimpse for Light

scenery of aurora
Photo by Thomas Lipke

Nature will attract your attention with a layer of snow on every surface. Allow the ambient or available light to influence your composition while using the proper exposure and white balance settings.

Snowflakes glisten in the sunlight. As you shoot, let yourself be taken in by the brilliance. Backlighting, or photographing with the sun behind the subject, is an option. This makes the white foliage stand out.

When shooting on an overcast day, you have complete control over the setting. Look for patterns and lines to use as inspiration for your photographs. Look for contrast or a splash of color with white on the ground covering every surface. This is a terrific way to spice up a winter scene.


Bird in winter
Photo by Clever Visuals

Most camera focusing systems rely on contrast, much as the meter does. When photographing a snow owl in snowfall, the scene will be devoid of contrast. The same is true for a snowman in a snowstorm.

Use single-point autofocus mode to assist get a crisp focus. Put the focus on your subject. Place the focal point a third of the way into the picture for a more classic landscape with the bulk of the image in focus.

Continuous focusing should only be used while photographing a moving subject, such as animals.

Manual focus may be required in the most difficult scenarios. However, most of the time, choosing single-point autofocus helps the camera find focus even in low-contrast situations.

To enhance the atmosphere, use a cool white balance.

Technically, you can set your white balance in camera or, if shooting in RAW, in post-processing. Either approach works fine, however, it’s occasionally useful to have a preview of the white balance in the camera, so don’t be afraid to do it that way (and remember: you can always adjust it afterward!).

Anyway, because winter is frigid, a colder (i.e., bluer) white balance looks stunning.

If you shot in RAW, you can also adjust the white balance in post-production. You can switch between warm and cool effects using the Temperature slider, and you can choose which look you prefer.

Look for cozy winter landscapes

smiling man and woman standing under snow covered tree in winter
Photo by Yana Lizunkova

Many landscape photographers are compelled to take wide-angle photos that incorporate everything in the composition…

…but did you know you can also make gorgeous images out of personal subjects? I’m referring to those small-scale sceneries that are easy to overlook, such as:

  • Snow-covered berries
  • Bubbles encased in ice
  • Plants peeking through the snow
  • Tree branches that are drooping
  • Finding personal landscape images might be tricky at first, but with enough experience, you’ll notice all kinds of changes.
  • While you are free to try other camera configurations, I would recommend starting with a 50mm lens or a short telephoto macro lens.
  • Then see what you can come up with!


Winter landscape photography is a terrific way to spend the chilly months. Beautiful vistas of a white paradise can be captured. You’ll also beat cabin fever while honing your photographic talents.

Cameras behave differently in the cold, so appropriate planning is required. Understanding how snow affects elements such as metering, white balance, and focus is critical to make that frigid walk worthwhile.

Grab a decent pair of gloves, a few clothes, and your camera – and go make that winter landscape.


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