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A Photographer’s Delight : Capturing Paris


Paris is a hot spot for many things, such as visiting extravagant exhibitions, going for high-end designer shopping, taste exquisite food but other than all this it is surrounded by beautiful scenes to capture. It has become a spoilt choice for photography enthusiasts because of the views it has to offer plus it is also a hub of photography shows.

There are year-round events in Paris that are especially interesting to photographers as they get to meet their fellows, appreciate and inspire from each other’s work and find their muse in the crowd which is ready to be captured. In this blog, we will tell you everything there is about Photography in Paris.


THE BIGGEST PHOTOGRAPHY EVENT OF THE YEAR, Paris Photo is an international art fair dedicated to photography. It is held at the Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées, commonly known as the Grand Palais which is a historic site, exhibition hall, and museum complex. In this event, the photographers get a chance to showcase their art on a public platform and this gives the other photographers a chance to witness other artistic abilities.

To reward their skills Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo presented The PhotoBook Awards which has three major categories: First PhotoBook, PhotoBook of the Year, and Photography Catalogue of the Year. After a call for submissions, a shortlist is selected by a preliminary jury. The shortlisted photographs are presented in front of a final jury who announces the three category winners at the Fair. The winner for the First PhotoBook category receives a $10,000 prize. The winners of the other two categories each receive a commemorative award.


The Eiffel Tower

people gathering in front of Eiffel Tower
people gathering in front of Eiffel Tower

The fascinating Eiffel Tower never fails to impress the photographers. It was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution and took years, 2 months, and 5 days to complete. Over the years it has developed into an artistic beauty presenting extraordinary light shows and illuminations which change every time giving a tribute to the ongoing significant events in different parts of the world.

The Louvre

brown concrete building during night time
Photo by Michael Fousert

The Louvre is the world’s most visited museum that used to be a beautiful palace. . It is the home of some of the best-known works of art, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. A trip to Paris is never complete if you miss the photograph of the artistic architecture of The Louvre, especially the pyramid made of glass and steel located at the entrance of the museum.

The Latin Quarter

road with people and house
Photo by João Francisco

The picturesque neighborhood in the 5th and the 6th arrondissements of Paris, situated on the left bank of the Seine, around the Sorbonne is a great spot to take photos of the natural livelihood of Paris. The backdrop has its old street, cafes, bookshops, and old French architecture.

Here we tried to give a push to your photography ambition by showing some of the many opportunities in Paris to shoot. Some other being the Luxembourg Gardens, Montmartre, Sacré-Coeur, Tuileries, Île St-Louis, etc.

You just have to find your calling, as there is ample amount of scope to explore in photography in the city of lights & love i.e., Paris.


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