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Guidelines you wished you had known earlier for beautiful wedding pictures


When you have the “special one” of your life, you have the most beautiful piece of dress for a mesmerizing look, you must have the perfect location for perfect wedding pictures.

That one day when it is the most special and beautiful day of our life is our wedding day. Wedding day is the most important day in the life of the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be.

Do you need a perfect wedding picture?… Of course, you need a perfect wedding album.
After all, this is going to be the best memory for the entire of your life down memory lane.

Some truly significant poses with the special people of your life on your very day: let’s see those

Bride-to-be with her father

  • She can pose with her father with a warm hug.
  • The father can pose the same as one of the pictures taken when the bride-to-be was just a kid to recall the memories.
  • She can relax on her father’s shoulder with her face rested on the shoulder. This will refrain the memories and this picture also speaks up about the bond between a father and a daughter.
  • The Father of the bride-to-be can keep his palm over her head where she can be seen seeking blessings from her father for a beautiful and blessed future.

The bride-to-be with other family members

  • A family picture is of course a must for a perfect wedding album to complete.
  • The bride with her brother while pulling his ears with ease and love which signifies the love and affection between the brother and sister.
  • Bride hugging her mother.
  • A bride keeping her head on the laps of her mother.

The bride and groom photos

  • The bride sitting on the wedding couch and the groom standing behind her with his hands on her shoulder.
  • Lovable poses of the bride with the groom.
  • Groom while kissing the forehead of the bride.

Tips for a memorable wedding picture:

  • A candid click will always be impressive among the wedding photos.
  • A happy and smiling bride brings charm to the pictures.
  • Be yourself and be stress-free and enjoy your “special day”.
  • Flash your perfect smile for the pictures.
  • A bride-to-be must wear long-lasting and smudge-proof makeup. This will make her more confident about the pictures.
  • The groom/bride getting ready for the event.
  • The pictures of the bride/groom spending some time within themselves and from the corner of their lives with their loved ones.
  • Capturing the traditional rituals is of course a must. The ring ceremony, the garland exchange, the sindoor-daan ceremony in traditional Hindu weddings, and the nikah in a Muslim wedding.
  • The bride shows off their henna by highlighting her palms.
  • The groom posing smartly with his traditional “sherwani” look.
  • Groom posing while wearing his “sehra” will make the album more of the traditions.
  • Close-up shots of both the bride and the groom.
  • Bride/groom putting on their chunar/pagdi.
  • Candid shots of the bride/groom enjoying the last moments of their bachelor’s life.
  • The pictured of the venue and the guests.

The wedding album is significantly incomplete without the pictures of the first look of the bride/groom after getting ready.

The close-up photos while the marriage ceremony and other rituals.
Capturing the pictures while seeking blessings after the marriage ceremony gets over.

These are the significant moments that complete your wedding albums.
Moreover, these are the special moments of life.


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