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Tips for Pre-wedding shoot and ideas


The trend for the new generation before marriage yes you’re right it’s the Pre-wedding shoot.

It never matters it’s an arranged marriage or a love marriage, couples always want to spend time together to know their partners in a perfect way with whom they are going to spend their whole life and for that Pre-wedding shoot idea is the best.

What is a pre-wedding shoot?

woman riding on back of man
Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins

A pre-wedding shoot is mainly the photography of the couples getting married so that they can get enough time to spend together and perfectly know each other.

During the pre-wedding shoot, you can even get to know the photographer and the photographer to can know you a couple. This is the main reason the couples going to get married nowadays prefer pre-wedding shoot before their marriage.

So now if you’re planning for a pre-wedding shoot before your marriage, you must know some of the tips and ideas before having pre-wedding photography. So here are some of the tips and ideas you must know before going for a pre-wedding shoot.

man and woman standing
Photo by Tu Hoang
  • Be comfortable before the shoot.
  • Choose the perfect pre-wedding location as per your wish.
  • Hire the best pre-wedding photographer, you think will click the best pictures of you.
  • Hire a make-up artist too for the perfect looks of you.
  • Choose your outfits according to your pre-wedding locations.
  • Get your props ready before the shoot.
  • Take snacks, a water bottle, and the necessary things with you.
  • During the shoot, take your makeup kit with you to avoid any kind of touchup.
  • Discuss some couple poses with the photographer before the shoot.
  • Bring comfortable shoes, slippers, etc.
  • After long photography, it’s obvious you’ll be tired but don’t show it as it can spoil the photos.
  • Go for a complete bridal kit in the parlor before and after the shoot.

Now you’ll also urge to know what does a pre-wedding shoot capture? Let me tell you about that too.

man carrying woman wearing white dress during sunrise
Photo by Lauren Rader
  • It clicks the celebration of the couples being together
  • The best memories before the marriage
  • Love, care, and affection for each other
  • The feeling of being in a relationship

If you’re planning for a pre-wedding, it must be based on some kind of story. A pre-wedding shoot is incomplete without a theme.

So before a pre-wedding shoot decide a theme for you, which will suit you and make your pre-wedding shoot perfect and mesmerizing. So, now let me suggest to you some of the themes for your pre-wedding shoot.

Before suggesting to you the best themes for your pre-wedding, just I’m asking you a normal question. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a star based on any story?

You must have. So let’s make your dream come true by suggesting some of the best themes to you for your pre-wedding shoot.

couple during pre-nuptial pictorial
Photo by Matheus Ferrero
  • You can do your pre-wedding in nature’s beauty.
  • You can prefer beech photo-shoot if you love water photography’
  • Do you love the winter season, if yes then you can prefer mountain and snow photography?
  • The fourth and the best one according to me is the desert photoshoot.

So, these were some of the themes you can prefer for your pre-wedding shoot to make the shoot attractive and real-life-based. So I would prefer you to go for a pre-wedding shoot so that you can spend time together and know each other perfectly.


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